The only Regret I have This Easter

Nomadic negro's trip to calabar

I could have easily blurted “mixed feelings!” had anyone asked what the reason behind my moodiness is but the percentage of disappointment is somewhat greater than that of my happiness, more because both situations are tied to the same source.


On the positive note

I’ve always longed for the day I’d finally get to step on the soil of Calabar, stroll on the her clean streets, taste from her delicacies I only watch on tv and youtube videos. Above all, I wanted to admire the beautiful ladies I heard reside with her. The time has come as I’ve been permitted at the office to go away for A full week to wherever my soul desires. What else could one ask for?

Good news right?

Here are Five Quick Things You need to Know About My 2018 Travel Plans

Be careful what you wish

The year (for all who’ve been following my adventures) has been clearly planned such that Cross rivers state will be my next destination after my stint in western Nigeria. But only if I had known. Only if I had been vigilant. Only if I had known Travelstart better than I currently do. I would have probably infused a few African countries into my list of destinations for the year.Nomadic negro's trip to calabar

Travelstart Nigeria  will in a couple of days be celebrating her 6th birthday since launching in Nigeria in 2012. This shouldn’t be my concern nor move me into writing a regret post if I hadn’t lost a huge opportunity to venture outside Nigeria for the first time in my life.

Travelstart is actually giving interested travelers a chance to win a Free flight ticket to Zanzibar this Easter.

One quick fun fact about me is I’ve never traveled by air.

How to win

Retweet my pinned tweet on twitter and stand a good chance of winning. That’s all!

Quick facts about Travelstart you should know

  • Since launching six years ago, They have helped more than half a million passengers with their flight booking, Take advantage of their birthday sale today
  • They’ve flown customers to 165 of the 195 countries in the world on ~200 airlines.
  • Their customers can pay in NAIRA for their flights that start outside of Nigeria.
  • They were the official travel partner for the Nigerian Bobsled & Skeleton team to the 2018 Winter Olympics to South KoreaNigerian Bobsled & Skeleton team to the 2018 Winter Olympics to South Korea.

I could would have won a free ticket to Zanzibar from Travelstart had I kept my mind open to possibilities instead of drawing up a travel calendar without leaving room for opportunities like this. I marveled at  how easily cheap flights can be booked and this greatly changed my orientation about flying.