Don’t Start A Travel Blog In Nigeria Without Doing These 10 Things

  1. Be a slut on social media:

How far? Don’t misinterpret me here. What I mean is try as much as you can to accept all friend requests; like the pictures of both the people who like yours or not; make comments on people’s walls and pages.

See this scenario: if you follow 10,000 people on IG, I can assure you that you will at least get 700 followers back. That’s not bad, or is it? Compare that to when you try keeping your dignity and you get just 120 followers all because you want your followers to be greater than the people you follow. Lol

Can I see you put on that skimpy skirt now???!

  1. Reach out to other bloggers to learn.

Trust me; every blogger likes it when a newbie comes to him/her for assistance.

Through this, you can try to ask them what their major challenges are as a blogger or what were the challenges they faced when starting.

By the time you are done with consulting about 5 bloggers from different niches, you would have saved yourself from lots of troubles and mistakes.

  1. Look for an inspiration:

You see, writing is about the most difficult thing to do if you consider the fact that you need to be consistent, dynamic and spontaneous at the same time. So what I suggest is that you look for what inspires you.

For me, the fact that I have chosen to make a life out of writing pushes me.

While at it, I push the play button and let out any song from vector, Kendrick Lamar, J.cole or Saheed Osupa. Lol… I actually am a big fan of rap and fuji. Why?

They spit philosophy!


What's your take on this post you just read?