Don’t Start A Travel Blog In Nigeria Without Doing These 10 Things

Ok, I have to be frank here. Travel blogging is about the hardest niche in the blogging sphere. Why? I’m sorry I really do not know because running a travel blog in Nigeria makes it more difficult for me.

As a budding travel blogger who’s been having a swell time doing so, I think it’s just fair that I share some tips that helped me with you.

I really hope they are helpful.

Below are 10 things you must do before starting a travel blog in Nigeria

  1. Have a note book


You heard right. I mean you need to have a special note book where you will record very important information. Prime among them is usernames and passwords (I can bet you don’t know how many of them you’d need to run your blog). As a complement, I’d advice you save these information inside one draft in your mail box.

  1. Read popular books

popular books


Doing this will help you with learning different writing styles and ideas. The reason why I emphasized on popular books is because they became popular due to countless accolades bestowed on them by different people. Hence you can need to read it to tap some ideas which will help you sharpen your style.

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