Don’t Start a Travel Blog In Nigeria Without These 10 Tips

gberefu Island in Badagry

Ok, I have to be frank here. Travel blogging is about the hardest niche in the blogging sphere. Why? I’m sorry I really do not know because running a travel blog in Nigeria makes it more difficult for me.

As a consistent travel blogger who’s been having a swell time doing so, I think it’s just fair that I share some tips that helped me with you. I really hope they are helpful.

Below are 10 things you must do before starting a travel blog in Nigeria.

1. Have a notebook


Nomadic Negro shirt
Running a Travel blog in Nigeria requires a lot of note-taking.

You heard right. I mean you need to have a special notebook where you will record very important information. Prime among them is usernames and passwords (I can bet you don’t know how many of them you’d need to run your blog). As a complement, I’d advise you to save this information inside one draft in your mailbox.


2. Read popular books


A picture of Traveling essentials
What else?

Doing this will help you with learning different writing styles and ideas. The reason why I emphasized on popular books is that they became popular due to countless accolades bestowed on them by different people. Hence you can need to read it to tap some ideas which will help you sharpen your style.

Read about why I decided to be a travel blogger here

3. Read other popular travel blogs

For you to be unique, you have to study the niche you are about entering. Know what their similarities as well as how they all differ so that you can stand out and be unique.

For foreign travel blogs, check out: Nomadic Matt (World’s most popular), Journalist on the run, and Expert vagabond.

In Nigeria, the list is though endless but the following will do:

Social prefect, Naija Nomads, and Tripzapp

Don’t joke with forums too! Eat and like you’d do to your first meal after fasting.

This will save you from a whole lot of trouble. Trust me. Nairaland’s travel section and NCT’s tech space will give you immense knowledge in tourism and tech simultaneously.

So now that you’ve done the above, let’s go to the real deal:


4. Think very well before choosing a domain name

I have lost count of the times I have seen people regret their actions after making a mistake with their domain name choice.

Below are the following mistakes (using hypothetical examples):

  • Choosing a short-term name:

Bola is a 200level student of Unilag. She wants to own a blog where happenings in her school will be published. So she chose UNILAGHAPPEN .COM. awesome is what her friends will say before congratulating her on a feat. But what will happen if Bola graduates and worst still get posted to the north for her compulsory one year NYSC?

  • Choosing a restrictive name:

Wale loves Ankara so much that he chose to own a blog aimed at educating people on the in and out of Ankara fabrics. Hence he tagged his blog Ankaraville .com. can you guess what will happen if he suddenly decides to talk about Swiss lace or about aso-oke tomorrow?

Choosing a difficult name:

I wondered what Ekenne was thinking when he decided is the perfect address for his footwear blog. When I asked him, he said he wanted to be unique. Then I went mute.

  1. Have a steady flow of income.

Yeah! If you observe, there are millions of blogs in the world. A huge number of them have long been abandoned- this is why they will always occupy the bottom spot.

You can check the rank of your blog here on

The reason behind this is because many blog owners only have a starting plan- no finishing. They don’t have a steady stream of income which will help them foot bills such as internet subscription, domain name renewal, gadgets fixing, etc. please get a side job or a sure sponsor who can help you because if you don’t, you’d fizzle out in no time.

Some bloggers have a fulltime job while they blog in their spare time and when the blog starts bringing in money, they leave the job after saving enough to focus on the blog.


6. Be a slut on social media

How far? Don’t misinterpret me here. What I mean is try as much as you can to accept all friend requests; like the pictures of both the people who like yours or not; make comments on people’s walls and pages.

See this scenario: if you follow 10,000 people on IG, I can assure you that you will at least get 700 followers back. That’s not bad, or is it? Compare that to when you try keeping your dignity and you get just 120 followers all because you want your followers to be greater than the people you follow. Lol

Can I see you put on that skimpy skirt now???!

In this video, I explained the 8 key steps a beginner needs to take in starting a blog.


7. Reach out to other bloggers to learn

Trust me; every blogger likes it when a newbie comes to him/her for assistance.

Through this, you can try to ask them what their major challenges are as a blogger or what were the challenges they faced when starting.

By the time you are done with consulting about 5 bloggers from different niches, you would have saved yourself from lots of troubles and mistakes.


8. Look for inspiration

You see, writing is about the most difficult thing to do if you consider the fact that you need to be consistent, dynamic, and spontaneous at the same time. So what I suggest is that you look for what inspires you.

gberefu Island in Badagry

For me, the fact that I have chosen to make a living out of writing pushes me.

While at it, I push the play button and let out any song from Vector, Kendrick Lamar, J.cole,

or Saheed Osupa. Lol… I actually am a big fan of rap and fuji. Why?

They spit philosophy!


9. Write Away

Inside Unilorin
One of my first major trips as a Travel Blogger. Under this tree was the only place where I could get electricity in the area. I had a blog post to publish so I needed to go the extra mile.

Start writing your content or at least have a planned structure (for those intending to deal in daily blogging like entertainment and sports).

10. Spiritual Backing

Commit your journey into the hands of what you believe in. For me, it’s God and god. The first being the highest while the latter is my sweet mother.

That’s all the tips I have for now on how to start a Travel blog in Nigeria.

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