The Report Of A Traveler Who Toured Kwara In 72 Hours- Part 2

Unilorin zoo
My best moment


If you are reading this for the first time, I’d advise you begin from where the journey actually started. And for those who started with me yesterday, lets zoom off while they catch up if they can be as fast as we were yesterday!

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I settled in the least populated of all available classrooms that night because every other one was filled to the very brim. This was after Tayo took my bag with him to his hostel and promised to come for me in the early hours of the morning so that we can properly settle down in the promise land he had prepared for me.

He was far too kind.

Tayo warned me to remain in that classroom so he can find it easy picking me up the next day but I disobeyed a move which I gravely regretted.

At exactly 4:12am, I woke up suddenly from the class and started walking. I had no particular destination in mind but I didn’t stop. Initially I was scared but as I moved ahead, the wandering  became more interesting especially as the cold dew settled on my face while the breeze added glamour to it. After roaming aimlessly for over an hour, stopping by different classrooms to see what such huge number of students were doing at that hour since exams weren’t in the corner. The truth dawned on me. My phone rang and the caller was Tayo, he asked me where I was and I looked around but couldn’t give him any tangible reply. my tongue dried up immediately. my stomach rumbled incoherently too.

Then was when it dawned on me that I was officially lost in Unilorin.

How Tayo found me is sure a story for another day.

Abu stays with another of his friend in a room self-contained apartment which I was able to deduce was formerly a hotel.
Like every average Nigerian, He was a little bit cold on seeing me (I could tell from his countenance). This is one of those things we’ve learned to cope with as travelers, so I shrugged it off and proceeded into greeting him with my right hand fully stretched. He returned the gesture with a mild smile but I could still perceive he was either still not pleased or was just being shy.

The mind games didn’t bother Tayo who dashed towards a lonely pot sitting relaxed in a corner of the room to take some food for himself. He called me to join him but I refused even after Abu begged. My mind was more fixated on what I came to Ilorin for.

so I sat down on the rugged floor with my notepad in front of me to do the necessary findings from the duo before setting out for my very first adventure.

Abu obliged to follow me on all my trips for the day and so did Tayo. Then we jetted out. “This is one of the reasons why I prefer staying with a host than in hotels, I said to myself.”

The Unilorin Dam

We flagged down a cab heading towards the school from the street junction. We paid #50
each and just before we could say MMM, we were already in the school premises.

My fingers are aching jare, Let the pictures to do small talking…


Each of us spent #100 for entering the Dam area and #100 for the Boat cruise.


Then we headed to the school’s zoo located within the school premises but can only be accessed through an entrance right after the school gate.

these fingers are hurting me again! Pictures please…

Each of us paid #200 for entrance, and another #200 for the dangling bridge. We wasted no time as we flagged down another cab to take us to post office whence we took another bus going to the central mosque where the Emir’s palace and the general market (Oja Oba) are located.

I couldn’t just wait for us to get home so i can do justice to the meal in the kitchen. Tayo made me happier when he said he can never taste frog. i silently prayed for him within me.


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Food got ready about an hour later and  while I ate, I kept replaying the height of the day’s adventure which happened to be when I saw for the first time a mysterious Ram with 3 horns.

Unilorin zoo


Watch out for the concluding episode of this terrific trip of mine.

For now, I’m off to work.