Top 6 Reasons Why Staying In Hotels Ruin Your Travel Experience

[tps_header]This is basically a comparision between hotels and hosts.[/tps_header]


Ok, allow me brag a little by telling you that I was just 16 when I started traveling alone to different sates in Nigeria. Don’t you think I deserve a can of origin zero for such a rare feat? I’m not telling you to buy it, I only asked a question ma ni.

Now let’s face why I brought you here. See my life, I almost forgot there’s something I want to add, which is the fact that of close to the 15 states that I have been, I have only slept in a hotel on just 2 occasions (Abuja and Ondo), while the rest were either with total strangers (Maiduguri) family (Badagry) or friends (Abeokuta).

The face you make when your confidence level is on point.

Now that you are sure that I at least have enough experience to lead you into this conversation, let’s start with the number 1 reason why staying with I think staying with a host is better than in a hotel:

1. You spend less on food

that moment when your host offers to pay for your food.

This is the surest of all. Even though you already budgeted for food before coming, your host will ensure you spend less. A good example is my trip to Ilorin where Tayo and Abu (my hosts) ensured I spent the most minimal amount on food. Unlike hotels where you would spend both heavily and angrily since you are on your own.

I think you will love this review I did on Cafe Neo (Yaba)


2. Unsolicited comfort

when they wake everybody up by 5am except you because you are a visitor.

A host will try to put up his/her best behavior (unlike drake) and will ensure you have no effing reason to complain, just because they want to be in your good books.
Hotels try too but there is this special way hosts do theirs.


3. They know better

In terms of geography, folklores, current happenings, popular places, name it, your host knows better and you also have unlimited access to them whenever you need make enquiries. Don’t forget they also know dangerous places you shouldnt go too.

the face your host makes when you tell him you want to go take selfie with the village deities.

4. You need not count your days

when you miss your flight and all you have on you is your return ticket and just 5h.

No doubt about the fact that you’ve already planned the number of days to be spent on your travel (like every sane traveler would). But if any unforeseen occurrence will force you to stay back, this wouldn’t be a problem with a host, but with a hotel, you know what’s up. The most unfortunate moment will now be when you don’t have enough to pay for the night.
5. A companion is assured

Nothing beats this!

As a traveler, I need someone who won’t just escort me but also handle my camera whenever I need to tour, or don’t you think so? While this will be a little difficult since hotel attendants can’t follow me, it can never be the same story were I to be staying with a host, as I am sure to have a companion e.g Peter in Badagry, Ernest in Maiduguri and Victoria in Abeokuta are the few good instances.

6. Safety

This is exactly how your host looks after you.

I know you might want to raise your eyebrow here but let me remind you that hotels can and will only guarantee you of safety within the confine of the hotel alone but this isn’t the case with a host who will ensure you are safe within and outside the home. They call your phone non-stop to know your whereabouts whenever you go out alone.

Yeh! I almost forgot the rice I was boiling.
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