Lunch at Spur Restaurant Lagos

The memoir of a first timer

Spur Restaurant
Evelyn opted for Chapman but after tasting my Chocolate, she begged that we exchanged and I acted like a gentle man.

My heart raced like it hadn’t done in months, I could feel the pain with every beat, exactly like that of a timid Lagos ‘danfo’ driver racing on one way.

“Why would Evelyn agree to such crazy suggestion?” “How do I tell the team I haven’t been to this kind of place before? ”“Or Should I tell them I’m not hungry?” “’lemme kuku’ go and use the opportunity to see what the place looks like. At least, I’d brag to Aisha that I ate in Spur restaurant.”

It was a team of 5 and we had come for the sophomore edition of the PROPAK WEST AFRICA CONFERENCE staged at the famous Landmark center VI, but unlike many other events, no food was served, hence the intensity of the hunger.

Your MCM forming Bayo Omoboriowo


The Ambiance

Since PWC (the building where Spur restaurant is located) isn’t far from the venue, we soon settled at a table of 6 inside the restaurant which looked more like an amusement park than a house of food.

While others gisted about their varying experiences at similar/same restaurant, I focused more on the setting, wall covering, ceiling decoration and lighting. Kudos to the cleaners of the restaurant by the way, the floor was neat. The clever positioning of the seats made it superb for group eating. Fresh air had a cordial relationship with the ACs, probably due to the proximity of the restaurant to the beach.

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The clever positioning of the seats made it superb for group eating. Fresh air had a cordial relationship with the ACs, probably due to the proximity of the restaurant to the beach.

The food menu

I soon shifted my concentration to the large menu book (which was placed in front of us upon arrival) like I really understood its content. Was it that I am an illiterate? Of course not, truth is that this kind of outing rarely happens to me. erm, it never happened growing up. Story for another day. Lol

Spur food menu
Too many info to digest. Too many food options.

The service

I was already enjoying the vibe until she came. Fausat should be in her late 20s, her chocolate skin agreed well with the make up she wore, a collaboration which made her attractive even though her cap wasn’t too convenient sitting on her head.

…then my woes began

The first she attended to was My boss and since he was still busy with his phone, He requested for just water with lime.Then she faced me. I should have also requested for the same thing so I can at least observe how others will place theirs if I had known life will be this miserable, but since I didn’t want to fall hands, I decided to risk the ridicule. After all I’ve read well the menu book and she cant be so wicked that she’d ask questions outside the book.

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Then she started:
She: Hello sir
Me: hi (inaudibly)

She:what would you like to have?
Me: What do you have?

She: ok, we have bla bla bla
Me: * chose all second options (the same thing I did during my post utme in unilag that got me into the merit list…kill yourself)

She: how about drink? What is your preference?
Me: what do you have?

She: water, milk shake, bla bla bla
Me: milk shake

She: strawberry, chocolate, blah bla bla
Me: *already getting frustrated* chocolate

And just when I though food and drink were all I needed to deal with, she came again but let me pause here to talk about the food.

The food

After everything, I quietly pulled Tope closer to ask him If I hadn’t selected the wrong options and he smiled before telling me no, that all I had requested was jollof rice+Chicken with Salad.

Spur Restaurant

“So upon all those questions,  all they’d bring?” I said with a disappointed face.

I was still dejected when I overheard Fausat mentioned while taking Chi Chi’s order that if she opts for the day’s special (which was steak), she’d be entitled to a plate of waffle topped with ice-cream. “Perfect!” I shouted within me and hurriedly told her to add it to my menu too (even without knowing what waffle means). I further messed everything when I requested that mine be packaged in a take-away pack since I won’t be able to finish it.

The food arrived few minutes later and for the first time in recent past, appearance of a dish matched the taste. I took every bit with caution and savored the taste till the last grain. Many thanks to Apenuwa Samuel, a friend who thought me how to handle knife and fork 2 years ago.

If the glamorous interior design will be what will take me back to mega chicken, and the awesome customer service will trigger that of Cafe Neo, then my returning to Spur will solely be because of the food.

Cost of the food

I sure would update this space whenever I return to spurs and pay for the food myself.

but for a hint, ensure you have up to 10,000 naira because my eyes saw too many 3,500 while studying the menu.

funfact : everyone finished their food

Though we had a swell time, here are the things I don’t like.

– Getting into spur was war, we glided through numerous corners and doors before finally getting in. there was even one particular door that threatened to clip us if we weren’t smart enough but thank god for the kind receptionist who stood by us.

– The waitresses were a little too lousy. They gisted loudly while we ate.
– Poor interior decoration. they should be able to do more.


How to get to Spur Restaurant VI:

From your bedroom, you can book an Uber or Taxify (if you detest hopping on buses). if you can’t, Find your way to Obalende from whence you’d get buses plying either Lekki or Ajah for 200 naira. Alight at Sandfill bus stop and take a bike from there to PWC building. Spurs Restaurant is on its first floor.

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“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”

-George Bernard Shaw