South Eatery and Social House Restaurant

... the restaurant where everyone is mad

we are all mad here



Since our days in the university, Kenny had always been a lover of knowledge. If left for his handwriting, he’d die single but is looks and charm did well to cover him.

When not taking stock in his exotic shoe store in Tejuosho shopping complex in Yaba, Dami will most likely be whiling the time away on Twitter- following the latest gossip in the Nigerian start-up scene.

Suzans beauty and intelligence were the traits of her which got me excited when she agreed to join us on this trip to review the South eatery and social house restaurant. A place where none of us had ever visited.


Getting To South Eatery and Social house

All I did was booked a cab which I used in picking up Dami and Suzan while Keinde joined us at the venue from the church.


The Ambience

outside view of south eatery and social house
But if you would want to jump buses, Just find your way to Obalende, from there you could take a Keke napep going to Eko hotel roundabout. Once at Eko hotel roundabout, take another Keke to Ajose Adeogun Junction. From here, you can easily ask for Younis Basorun street were South eatery and social house restaurant is located.

While the security officials at other restaurants give you the initial impressions, the neat surrounding did it at South house. The compound will pass for those houses in movies where the very wealthy hang out to discuss life and business. For a moment we felt rich.

On getting to the main entrance, the official who ushered us in did it like we were expatriates. I felt it judging by how large his grin was.

south eatery and social house

So neat were the tables that I felt we could sleep on them simultaneously. The bar looked lush and clean as it sat beautifully beside the only staircase in the duplex which leads to the top floor- a space that houses the toilet and even more sitting area.

south eatery and social house interior

While awaiting our food, other guests went about theirs quietly but you could tell that each person enjoyed every bite, munch or sip they took. We couldn’t wait for ours to arrive.


The Food

Although there are a thousand and one items in the multiple paged menu book place in front of us, we only made our decision based on our budget and assumption of which among the food will make sense. You can catch a glimpse of the menu on their website here.

I took the cobb wedge-

south eatery and social house menu

Kehinde took herb roasted chicken: a herb roasted half chicken, roasted vegetables, and a creamy wild tyme wine sauce

south eatery and social house instagram

Suzan went for jambalaya: a bowl of rice, prawns, chicken, and smoked pork sausage cooked with creole spices.

south eatery and social house food

Dami did the cheese: an imported beef patty, red cedar, dill pickles, lettuce, spout dirty sauce, and fries

south eatery and social house menu

While Keinde and Suzan went for vanilla milkshakes, Dami opted for Oreo milkshakes and I did Heineken draft, something I’ve longed to taste all my life.



south eatery and social house service

Top class.

Their engagement level was overwhelming. The attendants will not leave you all by yourself. At intervals, they showed up to ensure you’re alright. Without asking, one of them our attendant moved us from the initial table to a much larger one when he figured we were struggling with being convenient.



And this is why we are all mad

“Why do you have that inscription there?” Dami asked one of the attendants and her answer was really interesting.

In her words:

“You see, its in two ways. The first is the invincible ‘E’’ after ‘Mad’’ which makes the sentence:

We are all Made here.


Secondly is the literal meaning which tries to explain the affairs of things in the kitchen when the chefs try to work on the request of customers as fast as they can.


I could understand what she meant by mere imagining such a scenario.





Dami 10

Keinde 9

Me 9

Suzan 9

Average: 9.25 




Dami 7.5

Keinde 8

Me 4

Suzan 7

Average: 6.625




Dami 5

Keinde 8

Me 7

Suzan 7

Average: 6.75

Our Total bill

Cost of meal at south eatery and social house


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