See Why Salado Remains The Best Canteen In Unilag- Review


  1. KFC

I can bet that 9 out of every 10 Unilag students haven’t heard about this hidden treasure along FSS road before. If you are one of them, dash towards any of your friends in FSS and dash him/her a knock for being self-centered. Whatever happens afterward isn’t my concern sha. another fact which might interest you on the flipside is that 9 out of every 10 students who have patronized this canteen have gone back on more than one occasion. Don’t ask where I got my stats from because I won’t answer you.

Don’t tell me you are still wondering where kfc is located within unilag? I won’t tell you now. Let’s continue



Wait a bit as I am still confused about where to really start this from… ok I’d start from the wonderful whistling of the invincible birds hanging on different kinds and sizes of trees surrounding this secluded canteen. Second to this is the traditional kitchen where over 15 different foods and soups are being prepared on a daily to meet the crazy appetite of their die-hard customers.

Inside the canteen can seat roughly 15 people (amongst which barely 4 of them will be comfortable).

kfc canteen unilag
here is the compound which houses KFC unilag

Please pardon my manners, kfC is an acronym for Iya kafaya’s food canteen but according to a loyal customer seated beside me, people had to do away with the ‘iya’ to make it really fit kFc.

“Why then do people patronize KFC?” You might want to ask.

The secret is revealed below:



Their wide range of food options (from wheat down to yam) which are uniquely prepared to not only taste good but also turn every customer to Oliver Twist.

If I were to talk about any of their food, it would surely be the beans and yam which I took. I’m sure you must have at one point or the other fallen victim of foods with superb aroma but disappointing taste. Iya kafaya’s beans and yam will link any street-bred back to his or her roots.

KFC canteen unilag
Those yams were heavenly. i spent just #180 on this


This canteen tries to set itself apart by using the price mechanism to penetrate the highly competitive market. How? You might want to ask again. Well, let me codedly hint that you can always get food from as low as #30 upwards from KFC. You see why time and not money is the major constraint for kfc customers?



In this regard, I’d give them a thumb up because Iya Kafaya (the owner of this shop) has a kind of relationship that would make a first timer think they are somehow related. This applies also to all of her workers including her children.




Are you a low budget spender? If yes, I humbly present kfc before you.

Those who are tired of eating in artificial settings too should try this out.

Also if you are interested in laughing while eating, some customers can help you with that as well. Or what else can you do on hearing a customer order 8 wraps of fufu and still asking for more?


Once you become a customer, you can start enjoying credit facility. (It’s just what I observed though)



  • Queue is also a major problem here especially in the early hours of the day (the peak period).
  • The smallness of the shop too isn’t encouraging- It’s way too small for the influx of customers that patronize this canteen on a daily.



Staff/service: B

Place/ambiance: C

Food: B

Shortcomings: D

GPA: 3.11

There you have it!

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