See Why Salado Remains The Best Canteen In Unilag- Review


During my short stint inside this ‘wonder in the cave’, I was able to deduce that any of these has happened whenever a Unilag student tells you he/she is in Salado:

  1. The fellow Just won a lottery.
  2. He/she just got the weekly/monthly stipend from home.
  3. A guy wants to impress a babe.
  4. The student is just a rich folk.

I am saying the above because the handwriting I saw on both the wall and floor depicts this canteen stationed close to the school’s amphi theater as that which is designed for the rich. Let me give you a fuller description below:



Well ventilated (with the help of 6 functional wall fans) and spacious is the right thing to say about this canteen which has been designed to occupy 100 customers. The 8 giant freezers placed in strategic positions within the canteen will guarantee you the availability of your choice drinks.

Salado unilag
see what I just said?

Aside the 5 plaques which I discovered were awards of excellence; I noticed a standard wash hand fitting and sterilizer hanging somewhere close to the extreme left of the canteen. The paintings too tempted me into bringing out my phone for a selfie but I remorsefully returned it on seeing how rough my face was.

Shout out to all the frosh niggas out there.



The countenance of every customer seated validated my opinion about the savour which Salado’s delicacies bring to anyone’s life. Have I told you this canteen is most popular for its classic salad? Please forgive me! That salad is in a class of its own (ss4)



Like I earlier said, it is a canteen for the rich i.e you will need to buy something that is worth up to #500 to really have a feel of the goodies embedded inside Salado and also to save your face.  I’m sure you wouldn’t want that babe you’ve been hunting for a while to see #100 rice and #50 kpomo in front of you.

NB: Not that they won’t sell to you if your budget for food is just 200, but one sure thing is you wouldn’t want to try it.

salado unilag
you need to have a feel of what this tastes like.



Not so different from other vendors I’ve earlier mentioned- they are less concerned about your welfare and convenience.


  • I think for students whose visitors will be coming into Unilag for the first time and you want them to have a food commensurate with the hype of the school, Salado is the best bet.
  • Salad freaks, where arth thou?! Salado is here!



The way they prepare your salad after placing your order is one thing you can’t have enough of. I for one wished there could be a replay button for customers who want a replay of how their salad was made. I was thrilled.



  • This canteen’s queue is on another level. I almost gave up while battling to place my order.
  • Inside there can be hot and uncomfortable too despite how much effort was put into ensuring conduciveness.
  • No POS: for a canteen as popular as this, it’s a shame they are yet to embrace technology.



Staff/service: C

Place/ambiance: B

Food: B

Shortcomings: D

GPA: 3.22