See Why Salado Remains The Best Canteen In Unilag- Review

  1. MAVIS

Don’t really know why the owner went for that name but all I’m sure of is that the name perfectly blends with the trademark yellow and green paintings that will hold you spellbound even before settling inside this eatery located above the Unilag bakery.



I had already settled before noticing the elevated section of the restaurant accessible through a staircase situated close to the ordering corner.

The capacity is about 100, well lit and spacious. The rate at which people throng in and out will amaze any first timer.

mavis canteen unilag
The fact speaks for itself.


Mavis jolof rice won’t strain any muscle before convincing you that Nigeria can still rival Ghana whenever we talk about jolof supremacy. I for one didn’t even remember to take a shot of my food before descending on it. *Silly me




The prices are fair, at least for the quantity and quality. Mavis also follow the 50s rule which I think is prevalent on campus.



To me, the culture of placing special attention on customers is yet to gain grounds in Unilag because just like Iya moria’s place, the attendants here too are more concerned about serving you food than your convenience and welfare. I was compensated with the value of their rice sha *God save them.



For guys who want to take a girl out for lunch and a group of friends who want to just have a timeout in a canteen, I strongly say ‘yes’ to mavis due to these reasons:

  • The sitting arrangement is designed such that you can face whoever you are seated in front of while eating without the people in other tables eavesdropping into your conversation.


  • The interior is beautifully painted to make your selfies a hit (if you are a photo addict)



The elevated eating area which I presumed was for people who want privacy is one sight I couldn’t take my eyes off.

If the hit videos being played on the large flat screen TV don’t thrill you, the tempting dress code of the girls falling in and out exponentially should. Jeez! You need to see the kind of outfits they come in. I had to stay back for more than 30 minutes to check out these classy creatures. *bae I’m really sorry I’m doing this.

Shout out to my ladies in Fagunwa, Madam Tinubu and Makama hall.

mavis canteen unilag
The fact speaks for itself.



  • Terrible queue: this is the first battle I had to fight before getting my food.
  • If hell were to have a demo version, it sure would be Mavis (whenever nepa takes light). The reason behind this is simple; there are no windows in this canteen. Sum this with the hotness of the food being sold and the result will be a sound understanding of my demo hell assertion. The presence of 6 ceiling fans which played more of a decorative role than the functional role of repelling heat will even get you angrier.
  • No pos machine(s)… please don’t let’s talk about this.



Staff/service: C

Place/ambiance: C

Food: B

Shortcomings: D

GPA: 3.0