See Why Salado Remains The Best Canteen In Unilag- Review

Shop 10 canteen unilag
The much talked about 'special rice'

Today on my review series, I have decided to take a sharp turn into the university of first choice and nation’s pride just to evaluate 5 of the most unique restaurants within the school by grading them using the GP approach (like I usually do).

I hate dulling moments as much as you do, so let me quickly lead you into what I like to tag ‘the food war’.




Though with an indigenous name, the modesty of this canteen located close to the secluded ‘Honours’ female hostel can rival the best canteens in any Nigerian higher institution.

Iya moria food canteen unilag




I’m still not sure which will first catch your fancy amongst the trio of the well stacked fridges (7 of them), the mouthwatering display of myriads of delicacies on the left side of the small shop or the recognition awards of varying sizes and shapes totaling 10.

Situated within the Distant Learning Institute arm of the school, Iya Moria’s main canteen can conveniently house 20 customers at a go, but there exists another extension by the far left (just beside the kitchen) which has been strictly designed for peeps who want amala– the special delicacy which the canteen is widely known for. This extension can conveniently contain up to 25 customers.

Multiple  fluorescent tubes combined efforts into ensuring the interior is well lit. It took me lots of seconds before noticing the ACs installed inside the restaurant weren’t functioning- at least all through my stay there.



Iya moria sells varieties ranging from amala, rice down to porridge. Since its impossible for me to sample all the food on display, even though I’d have loved to, let me kuku talk about the special delicacy (amala) which I bought.

This hot and sticky amala is sold directly from a huge pot, and unlike other restaurants, the amala will be served into your plate unwrapped, I mean stark naked, after which the serving spoon will be used to press it while you’d watch in delight  how this 8th wonder of the world will be reconfigured to accommodate the gbegiri, ewedu and the sizzling soup whose taste must have been convinced by the combined flavor of the meats fishes and many other animals I really can’t mention due to personal reasons. Hahaha!

Iya Moria's canteen unilag
This is what’s up

Believe me when I say this amala will give you 1,006 reasons to say a shout-out to the tribe that came up with the idea of amala.

It seems you still don’t understand me. Oya See for yourself:

Iya Moria's canteen unilag
Amala- #100, kpomo- #50, fish- 100


Like every other canteen on campus, they sell in 50s (I mean all what they sell aside some meats and fishes) range from #50 and above, depending on what you can consume.




I won’t be fair should I tell you they were amazing (save for Iya Moria herself- you can’t but just like her dress sense and friendly attitude).



  • The smallness of this shop combined with the dead ACs will make life miserable for any customer.
  • The location of the extension by a refuse dump makes it unhealthy for eating. I’d suggest you buy take away.
  • When they get angry, the flies can make you want to abandon your food.
  • Lack of orderliness: you can get there before someone who will be attended to before you.



I strongly recommend Iya Moria’s canteen for whoever urgently needs to have a traditionally made amala+gbegiri and ewedu.


Iya Moria to me has the best cash payment method on campus. Or what have you to say about a canteen with 2 functional POS machines on standby and a cash payment system where you’d have to buy vouchers which will be used in ordering your food?

Don’t lie, isn’t that awesome?




Staff/service: B

Place/ambiance: C

Food: B

Shortcomings: E

GPA: 3.11