6 Sure Ways To Reduce Cost At Any Nigerian Beach

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Firstly, it’s born out of a firsthand experience, and secondly, I have tried some and I’ve also suffered from some, but in all, I’d ensure you don’t fall prey of boredom at the beach henceforth.

Playing at Elegushi beach
Going to the beach is one of the popular (if not the most) way by which fun-seekers relax whenever the thought of going out crosses their minds. The sad thing, however is that while there exist those who will effortlessly pay their way into having fun at the beach, there are even more who will be willing to go but get discouraged after mentally calculating what the cost will be. They’d rather just decide to go to a nearby pool (which they really do not want). But unknown to them is the fact that there are ways by which this seemingly exorbitant cost of having fun at the beach can be drastically reduced.

Now that you are set, let me quickly run you through the scope:

1. Fuel someone’s car or hail a cab online

Scared? You needn’t be. As we proceed, the reason will become clearer. But hope you’ve agreed to this point? If you like don’t even agree, all I know is you’d sure thank me before the end of this post.

2. Go on a Sunday

The reason is simple:
• It will guarantee you less traffic, hence, making the cost of the cab lesser since you’d be spending less time on the road.
• You can also quickly branch some places like the mall or a store to buy stuffs before aiming for the beach.

3. Don’t go alone

This is about the best thing you can do to cut cost. Going with your friend(s) will mean that you guys will split the bill! Can u see the first reason why taking a cab is cool? Irrespective of the number (max.5) you’d pay the same price for the cab. That’s a smart move right’?
Another plus is that you won’t be bored. So to make it all rosy and more fun, tell your friend(s) to come with his/their girlfriend(s) while you also come with yours too. But if you don’t have any girl, tell your friend to tell her friend to come with her friend- balance the damn equation!

If you are a girl, substitute where necessary. Trust me, it’d be fun.

But if the 2 of you don’t have any girl (or guy as the case may be), go there and start teasing random people.

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4. Bring your drinks along

Never try buying drinks from the bars at the beach if you don’t want your purse to grow slim. Do that only if you want to go and chill inside any of the bars.

I repeat the drinks at the beach are always expensive. Stay clear.

Foods are also somewhat expensive. I was at the beach some days back and a pack of asun was ₦500. Funnily, enclosed therein were 8 tiny looking pieces of goat meat. Imagine what ₦3,000 would make you if you decide to cook from home or buy something like snacks from an eatery on your way down there compared to buying 6 packs of asun. I’m sure my mum wont be happy with me.

5. Don’t forget the mats too.

In case you want to sit and relax with your team, a mat is the most potent option, but it’d become impotent when you have to rent it at the beach. Remember I said a cab is the best means of going to the beach? This is another plus because you can put your mat in the boot from home. And if you don’t have a mat, take a blanket or a large wrapper from home.
The last I checked, a small mat costs around N1,000 to rent at Elegushi.

6. Haggle the price at the gate like your life depends on it.

Two things here, the guys at the gate of every beach in Lagos are looking tough but I bet you’d enjoy them if you try haggling prices. Secondly, the more intelligently you try to beat the entrance cost down, the better for you.

But please never behave like a butty or one kind of sophisticated human being because they’d have more reason to bill you more.
If you aren’t good with haggling, your driver might? See another reason why taking a cab might be good.

You can add yours if you have any addition but don’t go just yet. how about sharing this post to few friends. it might be of help, who knows?