Redline Leisure and Resorts: all you need to know

Redline Leisure And Resort

If the reason why you’ve come to read this post is that you are planning on going to Redline Leisure and Resorts soon, let me break your heart by letting you know that the place is far. I mean, it is far from everywhere. But again, don’t be dismayed, because If you can summon the courage to go all the way, it’d turn out to be one of the best decisions you’d make.

What even took me to Redline Leisure and Resorts?

The thing is, after every of my monthly hangout. I usually gather feedback from the invited guests. But something stood out at the last edition. And that was the fact that a lot of the guests wouldn’t stop talking about how amazing the choice location was. So I said to my self: “Tunde, the only way you can sustain this streak is to choose somewhere even more amazing for the next hangout.”

So I started searching till I found Redline Leisure and Resorts.

Redline Leisure And Resort
Redline Beachfront

How to get to Redline Leisure and Resorts

Although, very far, the location of this resort is quite easy to find. If you’re driving or using a cab, simply use google maps and you’d be fine. But if you’d be using a public bus from Lagos mainland, find your way to Obalende, then join a bus going towards Ajah. Once at Ajah, join another bus going towards Abraham Adesanya. At the roundabout, pick a bike and tell the rider you’re going to Redline Leisure and Resorts.

The Ambiance

The resort sits on a land so vast that the parking space and open area alone is as wide as a standard football field.  At every corner you look, there is a unique breed of flower plant staring back at you. The beauty of this is how well trimmed the flower beds were.

There was also a touch of red paint on every surface you’d encounter. From the walls to the buildings, down to the flower bed and pool area.

The Pool Area

The pool wasn’t the regular rectangular style I was used to, instead, it took the form of a laboratory flask buried inside the pavement. The fact that the water inside it was blue gave me that science student vibe. My yellow hoodie sweater felt like a lab coat on me.

Redline Leisure And Resort Pool
At night, the colourful bulbs that have been strategically placed inside the pool come alive, adding more glamour to the already glamorous pool.


Children's pool
By the left is the children’s pool. It’s been built in such an endearing style that you won’t need to strain your brain to know a lot of thinking went into its construction.

Adjacent to the children’s pool is the toilet which has been split into 2 compartments for both males and females. Each compartment is fitted with functional water closets, wall mirrors, and a wash hand sink. For the lack of the right qualifier, it is the most hygienic I’ve used at any beach in Lagos. At the entrance sat 4 cleaners whose duty was to simply keep it clean at intervals.

The toilet
The toilet
VIP Glass house
That structure beside the children’s pool is the VIP glass house which can accommodate up to 80 people. It’s mostly used for private events.

There’s an ongoing construction directly facing the pool area which I guessed is going to be an event hall. And behind this building is the bar area which is wide enough to contain at least 30 people. The bartender and the waiters at the bar (just like their counterparts at the gate) smiled at every opportunity they get. The smiles were so genuine that I was sure they’ve all got some sort of job satisfaction.

On both sides of the walkway are Gazebos that can be rented by fun-seekers not interested in sitting by the beachfront. And that white building is the hall under construction.


The bar area
Right beside the bar area is the games section where they have the table tennis and snocker board. The bamboo roof is actually more beautiful than what you’re seeing.

The Beachfront

The beachfront happens to be my favourite part of Redline Leisure and Resorts. It is a well-maintained area that has 8 standard cabanas, 6 sets of tables at the Bamboo corner,  and 8 regular open-air tables. The beach sand at the shores was different. They felt so crisp that with a blindfold, every step you take barefooted will make you think you’re walking on dry cornflakes.

Shed at the bamboo corner
Bamboo corner

Beach front at Redline Leisure And Resort
The waves are stubborn. Even when it’s obvious that the sand doesn’t want a kiss, they keep coming back to steal those kisses.

The Food

So here was what happened:

Me and Bukola (my operations manager) had visited Redline a few days before the hangout to ensure the place was as good as what the internet painted it.

Food at Redline leisure and resort

We got hungry and decided to buy jollof rice directly from the kitchen. And we waited for an eternity before the food came. But you see, when the waiter brought our food and we tasted it, for me, it was the best jollof rice I’ve ever eaten during a scouting experience.


It was so good that we had to order for one more ration so we could share but the waiter thought we wanted a ration each, so she brought two. Instead of getting mad at her for making us spend more than we planned, she got us thanking God such a mistake was made.

Customer service

You don’t need anyone to tell you that the owner of this resort is exposed and well-traveled. The entire staff (from the gatemen to the manager) will make you assume for a moment that this isn’t the same Nigeria you grew up knowing. At some point, I thought I had paid more than I should and that they are trying to cover up by being that nice and professional. However, a careful flashback reminded me that I had been feeling the vibe of that pampering since I made my first set of inquiries via their Instagram page.

Gate fee or Entrance fee and other expenses

  • Redline is open 24 hours Monday – Sunday. Yeah, you read right.
  • You have to make a reservation before going though. You can do this by reaching out to them via Phone: (+234 8038 436 727  +234 8134 043 970) or Email:
  • The entrance fee for adults is N1000 & N500 for children.
  • If you are coming with either food or drinks, you will be charged for corkage which is 50% of the entrance fee. i.e Entrance for an adult will now be N1500 & N1000 for children. However as a group 10 & above a fixed price of N5000 will be charged as corkage. Interesting yeah?
  • Your entrance fee will be giving you access to the Resort & also to the outdoor games such as football, volleyball, tug of war & sack race.
  • There are seven categories of beach tents.

1. VIP glasshouse which goes for N100,000 & can house a maximum of 80people.

2. Sports bar- which goes for N70,000 & can house a maximum of 70people

3. Cabana- which goes for N20,000 & house a maximum of 15people for each cabana.

4. Hut- which goes for N15000 & can house a maximum of 10people.

5. Gazebo- which Is N7000 can house a maximum of 9people. They have 2 of it.

6. Pool Top Tent- which goes for N10000 & can house a maximum of 6people.

  • Access to the Swimming pool also attracts N1000
  • The indoor games such as tennis & snooker go for N500 per head for 1hr.
  • Due to the condition of the road, the resort usually stations a vehicle at the junction to help fun-seekers who can’t drive down. All you need is to call before your scheduled visit.

My Rating of Redline Resorts

Ambiance: 8

Customer service: 8

Food: 8

Will I want to come again? This is definitely a YES. And if asked to suggest an idea for the management, it definitely would be that they should consider building a few short let apartments where people can rent when there’s a need for them to withdraw and get away from the craziness of Lagos city.

If you need any other information which hasn’t been provided in this review, please feel free to shoot them a DM on Instagram.

Phillips Tunde
I wrote this with love. The goal since day 1 has been to ensure you travel more with less stress.

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