6 Reasons Why You Should Date A Male Traveler

story telling is an hobby we are proud about

There isn’t really any need for a preamble, allow me just delve into the points since this topic is really that which will be aimed at showing Girls why a traveler is the best for them.


When we say we love you, we mean it 

We’ve traveled far and wide, seen more and less beautiful women. Hence, our decision to profess our love for you means we have spotted a rare trait. It means there is something unique about you, and you alone.

We know just the right gifts to buy

Only ladies who have been disappointed with the poor gift selection ability of their partners will appreciate guys who know the right things to buy. Tavelers wouldn’t only buy you what will amaze you, we’d stun you with another surprise before you get over the excitement of the previous one.

  1. We are tolerant

Being one of the most important traits a partner should possess, our wealth of experience in getting along well with strangers usually come in handy since we know you (like every other human breed) posses innumerable number of character shades. Yes, we mostly know how to be dynamic with our reactions too.

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You needn’t worry about vacations

We know just the right place to take you!

Look here, we have sampled a lot, from the not so fantastic cornmeal in a resort up north to the pathetic customer care of a multiple stared hotel down south. We will ensure you don’t encounter any of these horrible experiences. A permission is all we need to get started.


We eat any/every thing

In Australia other travelers enjoyed kangaroo meat for the first time, In china, they didn’t complain when served dragon-fly, the fried spider they took in Cambodia still tastes amazing whenever they talk about their stay there.

I haven’t been to these places but I can tell you that the frogs I ate in Ilorin are still about the best things I’ve tasted as a traveler, so why will your food irritate us. Come close and let me whisper into your ears… see, some of us wouldn’t think twice before getting down on you.


We are master storytellers

Yeah, the moment is and can never be dull whenever we are around. We tell the stories even better than we write them.

Give us the chance and watch how envious your peers will become.