Tuesday January 25, 2022

  1. Phillips Tunde is a graduate of Economics from the university of Lagos; a repented introvert who’s done more days outside his family house than in it.
  2. I can actually eat anything- all I need to know is that it’s been eaten by someone in the past. Yeah! I even once ate frogs.

Why I blog?

Truth be told, I’ve always searched for an easy way to lay bare the amazing (sometimes wired) thoughts running aimlessly inside my head at intervals, but had a hard time figuring what exactly will help me do this well. I tried out drawing (caricature actually), but it’s best I skip what the outcome of that attempt was. Made few attempts at singing too, but my younger brother was quick to call me to order and for the second time since I’ve known him, I had to agree, the first being when he warned me about drawing.

Since stumbling on writing, I’ve decided not to back down when further findings revealed I could get better with time, even with skills like singing, drawing and photography.

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This blog is aimed at improving the culture of travelling and tourism amongst the citizens of the world by revealing:

  1. The requirements of travelling, ranging from the cost of travelling to expected travel distances.
  2. Travelling tips and geographical illustrations of visited destinations.
  3. Observed facts about places I’ve visited and burst the bubble of as many myths as I can.
  4. Unbiased reviews of fun places I’ve been.

Overall, NOMADIC NEGRO wishes to correct the erroneous beliefs and unverified stories about travelling and tourism.

The world isn’t as dangerous as you think.
To my readers (especially those who comment regularly..), this travel blog wouldn’t be what it is today without you. Thank you so much for reading!

Why this blog is different?

  1. Every place, restaurant, or attractions has been personally visited by me (or any of my guest columnists).
  2. I wont’t try to paint a fake picture of the journey. In my bid to make the adventures as real as possible, I try writing the reports the way they unfold. The horrible  times like the day I passed the night in a  classroom in Unilorin, all in a bid to save money and cover as many places as possible to enable me narrate better stories.

This website is about showing you what it’s really like to be on the road.