Overrated Tourist Destinations In South-West Nigeria

A honest confession.

Ikogosi warm spring

“Africa is indeed blessed” is an utterance you must have heard a zillion times or by chance might have uttered once in time past. But I’ve overtime observed that in a bid to sail this point home, we unconsciously make a few mistakes, chief of which is the inclusion of some unworthy tourist destinations in Nigeria (with particular reference to the South-West region) while trying to sell our tourism space.

This post is in no way intended at  undermining the rigorous works being invested by different stakeholders within and without the tourism sphere in making these places great. I’m however doing this just to get you aligned with the realities facing this portion of tourism in this part of the world.


  1. This is entirely based on my opinion about this places as I’ve visited them all in person.
  2. Should you have a conflicting perception, kindly share via the comment section as I’d so much love to read your view.


1. Ikogosi warm and cold spring in Ekiti

Ikogosi warm spring

Perhaps, I had too much expectation prior to this trip because, there wasn’t really anything intriguing about this much talked about destination aside that a huge amount was spent on constructing the complex. Rather than focusing on researching about why we have a cold and warm spring flowing side by side, the operators have chosen cook up an unintelligent folklore (about a certain hunter and his two wives who were rivals) to misinform tourists. Olumide lamented painfully about his experience here.


The greenness of this amazing destination rather than the spring should be capitalized upon. All the chalets should be put on airbnb at rates which are really affordable. Doing this will encourage the influx of adventurers and will naturally use the resort even during off-peak moments of the year.


2. Arinta Fall in Ekiti

Arinta Waterfall

Just a stone throw away from Ikogosi, this deserted destination comprise basically of a body of rocks overwhelmed by a downpour of flowing stream. Amazing view, but what again is there to learn or tickle one’s fancy? Nothing. I mean nothing aside the melodious tunes from the matured crickets lurking invisibly in the forest leading to the waterfall.


Link it up with Ikogosi because Arinta isn’t fit to be a stand-alone destination.


3. Nike Art Galery in Osogbo

Nike Art Gallery, Oshogbo

Having seen what the Lagos version of this Gallery looks like, my heart bled on seeing how deserted Osun version is. Though filled with really amazing art collection, the  unappealing ambiance contributed immensely to why I couldn’t last longer than 10 minutes there. Or can imagine a gallery with dusty art pieces with the only thing illuminating  the entire facility being the sun?


It’s obvious the gallery is suffering seriously from lack of patronage which can only be boosted by strategical relocation. A good location would be somewhere within the vicinity of Erin Ijesha waterfall. This will help them achieve growth in revenue and more influx of tourists, knocking out their lifelong challenge.

4. Bilikisu Sungbo Grave in Ijebu Ode, Ogun State

alt= "entrance of Bilikisu sungbo grave"While being told the narrative of how the popular queen Sheba traveled down to Nigeria (her fabled origin) from the home of King Solomon. I wondered when we’d stop this approach of misleading tourists by taking advantage of their curiosity. All angles of this narrative has glaring loopholes which I believe isn’t appropriate to grow a sturdy travel culture in the country.


The uncompleted building within the premises of this destination should be completed and converted into a residential or commercial complex.



Like I said, this entire piece is based solely on my personal experience. Please feel free to drop your opinions as that’s the only reason why I wrote this.

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