OShey Bar & Chops Review by Nomadic Negro

The decision to go for OShey Bar & Chops over other available options was made in less than 5 minutes. Here’s the back story:

It was Ben’s birthday and the man reached out to me before I was able to reach out. Bad of me right? I know, but I forgave myself almost immediately. I needed to focus on why the celebrant reached out to me.

The request from Ben… over a phone call we agreed to choose an Affordable venue that looks cute and can allow for some partial privacy.

Although the instruction was simple, the notice was quite short, but would I turn my friend down? NO! And that’s exactly why I left the office at exactly 5:25 pm.

By 5:30, I was inside a Danfo headed to Yaba. At Yaba, I asked a bike guy to take me to Oshey bar but he doesn’t seem to know what I was talking about. That was the first clue that gave the spot away as a new one.

I turned on Google maps and when that one pointed me towards Sabo, I jumped into a nearby Maruwa and we haggled a bit before I parted with N30 as I didn’t have the requested fare of N50.

Locating OShey bar & chops

Oshea is located at 31 Commercial Ave, Sabo yaba, Lagos. The bar is adjacent to the custodian building before. You won’t need to get to Sabo bus stop if you’re coming through Yaba. If coming from Alagomeji or Onike, you’d have to cross towards Union bank. Don’t worry your google map will do well. Or ask anyone where Spar is. Oshey is on the first floor of the same building.

Exterior view of Oshey bar & chops

The first impression tickled me

Looking at how neat the white uniforms of the security guys were (through the transparent door), I was sold even before speaking to anyone.

Oshey bar & Chops
The security guard playing with his phone

You know that kind of confidence you have when salary has just been paid? That one that hits more esp. for folks who live paycheck-to-paycheck? That exactly was my state of mind as I said my greetings to the first security guy. He returned with a smile that read “I know you’ve just been paid bro!”

The confidence heightened as I strolled towards the bar located adjacent the entrance. “What’s up, man?…” I said almost loudly as the barman returned a wide smile. His Chelsea jersey was probably bought on the eve of the team’s Champion’s league win as it looked quite new.

The bar at Oshey bar & chops
Deputy bar man squeezing lemon what God knows what.


The kind of service I got

“… It’s big Ben’s day!… ” I continued as though he knew who Ben was. He played along as he cleaned his hands with a blue napkin. man must really be a strong blues supporter.

“… so I need you to advise on the best spot inside here where we can enjoy our privacy even though I understand that this place is a public space. I was pointed to a tall long table surrounded by 10 equally tall wooden chairs. At this point more members of the staff came closer to know who this lively guy was.

Pictures of Oshey bar & chops

I gave them a brief on what I want Ben’s moment to be like and they promised to support by ensuring everyone had a nice time.

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I sat on the chair at the centre of the table in a manner that allowed me to see everyone who walked in. That way, I’m able to see the entire space. On setlling down, I took time to observe the space. At first, it was the elegance of the lightning that caught me before the wall decoration and graffitis took over. It didn’t take long before the bar area lured me into lusting after her. I probably didn’t notice her enough while I spoke with her custodian earlier.

Pictures of Oshey bar & chops

OShey Bar & Chops has 16 major seating areas and they are properly split into tables for 2, for 3, 4, 5, and the single one for 10 which we occupied. The air conditioning worked so well that you every angle was chilled. Although there wasn’t a DJ in sight, the music mix was superb for the atmosphere. I pulled out my computer to start writing this review you’re reading.

Pictures of Oshey bar & chops

The Food at OShey Bar & Chops

Lekan was the first guest to come in around 6:40 and by 7:15pm the high table was packed. The attendants wasted no time in attending to everyone’s request. Not only did the food arrived on time, but they were also well served and looked fascinating on the fancy white plates they came in. Some of us went for the spicy chicken while others went for the grilled option. The chips were moderately crisp and well done. For the drinks, they were decent and the ice supply was endless- we wouldn’t have gotten more ice if we had chosen a bar in Antarctica.

Pictures of Oshey bar & chops

Food at Oshey bar & chops



Overall, I’d rate OShey Bar & Chops a 3.8 as broken down in the following order:

  • Service: 4/5
  • Ambience: 4/5
  • food: 3.5/5

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