10 Minutes Inside Nike Art Gallery Osogbo

Nike Arts Gallery Osun

We had a quick stop while returning from Erin Ijesha at the famous Nike Art gallery Osogbo. The major intent was to confirm if It actually matched the hype around it.

Needful to say is the fact that We didn’t stay long there as the place wasn’t really conducive for visitors as it was obvious the gallery lacked care.

For you to have a clearer picture, here are 4 quick things you need to know about the Nike Art gallery Osogbo branch.


The Location Is easily Accessible

This branch of Nike Art gallery is located by the road side at Dada Estate area Osogbo, Osun state in a one storey building where all the art pieces which adorned the gate and the building itself are enough to tell you what the quiet house is about.

It Costs Little Or Nothing To See The Gallery

We paid #100 each to the attendant on duty to gain access into the gallery. If we were to go by the uncoordinated setting of the gallery, we shouldn’t have paid anything.

Nike Art Gallery
On this table are the numerous collection of paper artworks created by fantastic Artists from across Nigeria


The Interior Can Be Improved

The first spot every visitor will get to see like we did is a large reception area where a lot of beautifully carved art pieces defaced a large rectangular table, making it even more appealing. There are about 3 rooms on the left where different collection of artworks are displayed. We admired every of the works (but briskly) before proceeding to the staircase which leads upstairs where another set of rooms accommodating several other collections are kept.

Nike Art Gallery Oshogbo
you’d do more than this if you are human and love arts

The Gallery Is Begging To See More Visitors

There are really good works of art in this branch of Nike Art Gallery but the gallery is thriving way below its capability probably due to the very poor attitude of Nigerians towards tourism and Arts.

Nike art gallery


I might be wrong with my descriptions though. If you’ve been here before, kindly share your experience or add to what I have submitted up here.