My 5 Worst Fears as a Nigerian Travel Blogger

Of course, you may have seen a lot of us on social media do some astonishing things, some of which might have tempted you into considering Travel blogging as a career. From the astounding pictures of local and continental dishes to the shots taken by the beach, marketplace, local corner shops, down to the colourful costume we wear as we wander around a new city. Everything isn’t really as rosy as you think they are.

Nigerian Travel Blogger at a beach

Behind this seemingly perfect lifestyle we portray lies some fears, just like every human. So worrying are these fears that they at times disturb our mental and psychological wellbeing.

And this is why I’ve decided to lay before you 5 of the most disturbing fears I dread as a travel blogger.


Not making A Living from travel blogging

You see, this journey was one I started out of sheer love for my country and the entire continent of Africa. I cringe every time I think about all I’ve invested (both personal time and money) in seeing Nigeria become one of the world powers when tourism is discussed.

It took days of persistent argument to convince my family that I wasn’t mad. Days of relentlessly assuring my mum that all will be well with me in the long run. She’d nod in agreement even though I know deep down that she’s scared for me.


Not changing anything at the end of it all

One of the reasons I chose travel blogging out of numerous other options available to me was the strong conviction that the world would become a better place when people know more about themselves through physical contacts rather than relying on media and biased prejudice.

I recently let out my opinion to travel to either of the southern or northern parts of Nigeria and within a few seconds, my DM got filled with messages from friends who were afraid I won’t be safe traveling to any of both regions. It’s hard convincing them but then I bleed within me when I come to the realization that the mission to liberate the minds of the people I love mightn’t be achieved for a long time.


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Staying Consistent

From personal emails from total strangers to comments from previous blog posts, different shades of accolades have been showered on me for my narrating prowess. A fan even called from the UK some days ago to thank me for the beautiful post piece I wrote about Nigeria’s stolen artifacts.

The sad thing, however, is consistency. I’m always worried about how to continually serve my audience consistent content without compromising on quality uniqueness.


Losing My Life

Of course, the thoughts of death alone sends shivers down the spine of every human, but it’s more eminent in the life of an average traveler in a space like Nigeria where the fear of road accidents account for the reason behind why people hate traveling.

A poll I ran on what influences why Nigerians don't want to travel within Nigeria
A poll I ran on what influences why Nigerians don’t want to travel within Nigeria

For a travel blogger in Nigeria, life is multiple times more difficult than my counterparts elsewhere. As there’s a period of fear which usually precedes every trip, especially when it’s by road.


Losing Relationships

Like everyone else, we admire the joy genuine relationships bring and are always elated hearing people profess how strong their ties have been with the ones they love.

But this isn’t always the case for us. While a tiny few have mastered this rare art of nurturing relationships, many of us have struggled.

A young boy riding a boat in Ilaje, Ondo state, Nigeria
Lucky on his boat

I fell in love with Lucky, a smart 8-year-old boy I met when I traveled solo to Ilaje, a rural village in Ondo state. Lucky took me around the community and even offered to take me on a cruise on his wooden boat. I felt sad watching his innocent smile because I knew it was only a matter of hours before I’d lose my new best friend.


In all, I’ve come to realize that fear will always be around as we try to build a life. But it’s important that we become Dexterous so we can comfortably convert these fears to strengths.

They say fear is for the brave, for cowards never stare it in the eyes…

– Passenger


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