My Overnight Stay at Jaybee Beach Camp

A picture of me at jaybee beach house

Close your eyes for 4 seconds and imagine waking up to seeing the waves of the Ocean rolling and crashing gently on the rocks right in front of you as you sip from a glass half-filled with your favourite drink. Now stop imagining and open your eyes. Whatever you’ve imagined isn’t up to half of what I experienced while I stayed at Jaybee Beach camp.

a view of Jaybee Beach house

You see, Jaybee Beach camp is one of the secrets I uncovered the day I was invited to Tarkwa bay Island on a birding expedition by the Lekki Bird Club.  I vowed I was going to return and I fulfilled that promise by booking the beach house to host the members of my community during the 3rd edition of my monthly hangout.

A little background on Jaybee Beach House

Tarkwa Bay Island is quite popular a beach and is only 15 minutes away by boat ride from Ikoyi, Marina, and Victoria Island. Although, Jay Bee Beach Camp is located along the shoreline of Tarkwa bay. A lot of fun-seekers on the Island have never heard about it due to how strategic the buildings have been made to fit an ideal getaway spot.

Getting to the beach house will cost you a 5 minutes walk from the Tarkwa bay Jetty straight towards the left side along the shores of the beach. The entire premises is covered by myriads of both tall and short trees with colourful leaves stretching towards the beach.


The building structure, Ambience, and surrounding

On stepping into the premises, your mind will shift entirely from the disturbing noise and troubles of the Lagos to the green, safe, untroubled, and relaxed camp which will tempt you to question why you’ve allowed the noisy Lagos abuse you for so long.

a view of Jaybee Beach house Jaybee beach camp from afar treasure hunt at Tarkwa bay Jide and Maryam on a date

The beach camp is made up of 3 cabins that can each accommodate 6 people. With over 70% of the buildings made with wood, the cabins have been built such that they are elevated and accessible by a single staircase which leads to the room and an open balcony. Directly under the building is the toilet which also joined the pillars in supporting the weight of the room and its occupants.

Although they all are not far from one another, the first one (which I stayed) is my favorite because it’s the only one that allows you (through the balcony) to have an amazing view of the Tarkwa bay beach with Eko Atlantic city serving as a backdrop.


The Rooms

According to Eniola (the housekeeper), The room I stayed in was identical to the other 2, hence contained almost the same facilities. As earlier mentioned, the room is built to occupy 8 guests comfortably, and as such, it contains 2 double beds (which could each fit 2 people) and 2 single convertible chairs for one person each to either sit or sleep on.

The room at Jaybee Beach camp

Of course, that’s not all there is. I was intrigued by observing how carefully the thatch used for the roof was carefully laid on the roofing planks with a wide net strung to the planks to collect falling strands. It was a beauty to watch from my bed.

It took a while before observing that the bed I was watching from was made of Bamboo. Perhaps I was carried away by either the beautiful paintings hung on the yellow walls or the soothing breeze from the wall fans. Although covered partially with a centre carpet, the wooden floor (which I suspected was made from mahogany) was well polished and looked strong enough to bear the weight of everything including the occupants in the room.

Also in the room was a wash hand sink, 2 bedside tables, a wall mirror, enough toiletries to last for as long as my stay, and air fresheners which collaborated with the oxygen from the trees to render an impeccable scent.

At night

Electricity supply was constant and stable due to the availability of a standby Generator, so every corner of the beach house was well lit. The toilet is my favourite lol.

You can either stay inside and watch the flatscreen TV which is served by a DSTV decoder or sit by the burnfire spot to get warm. Trust me when I say it’s a cold world out there.

If none of these interests you, you can request for the password of the free wifi and do all you want throughout the night. Only God and the owners know where they got the pillows from, but the pillows in that room were some of the best I’ve slept with.

The service

Everyone from the security to the housekeeper made us feel like we paid more than they requested. Eniola deliberately did all she could to make sure we were fine. I actually think her salary should be quadrupled.

The cost of rooms in Jaybee Beach Camp

It costs N64,500 to secure the room for an overnight stay. This included all access to use the compound and also stroll to the quieter part of the Tarkwa bay beach which is inaccessible by other fun-seekers.

The use cases

Jaybee Beach camp is best suited for teams hangout and family weekend getaway. It is also a sure bet for lovers who just want enough time away to do nothing aside eating, sipping wine, and making love.


  • This place is not the best place to go alone. Try going with someone or a group. especially for the sake of taking great pictures.
  • It’s highly advisable you go with your food and drinks. Yes, there’s a restaurant attached to the beach house but they mightn’t be budget-friendly.
  • There are no mosquitoes, but you might want to go with some repellant.


  1. Wow!! It is beautiful 🤩. Now I am really looking forward to a staycation.
    I have a picture in my head already.
    With so much sea breeze, there can’t be mosquitoes here.
    Well done!!