My 2020 Travel Plan: All You Need to Know

nomadic negro's 2020 travel calendar

Your Input is needed

A good look at this calendar will unravel the fact that I’ve deliberately made scanty, compared to that of 2018. Three motives are behind this decision:

nomadic negro's 2020 travel calendar

I want to chew properly

by this I mean I want to fully immerse myself in each of these trips whilst curating quality content.
Let me tell you a little secret about travel content creators. You see, instead of sinking ourselves into the beach sand and enjoying the waves like everyone else, we are mostly thinking about the best way to write our next blog post about the same beach.
I don’t want that to happen to me this time.

I want you to breath

Even though I’m introverted, I’ve recently figured that being a lone ranger can, at times be boring, so I started creating room for adventure lovers like yourself to join me on this journey of discovering more about this space called earth.
In doing this, I know you’d need to prepare yourself mentally and financially, so I gave enough room between each trip to enable you to save up way ahead of time for anyone you’d want to join me on.

I want to create

As a travel content creator, the easiest of my career is saving up and hitting the road. Documenting these experiences creatively and distributing it is the harder and hardest part. hence, with this kind of calendar, I’d have enough time to curate not just any content, but one you’d love.


It’d be fun if you join me!

Looking back now, I’m happy with the amount of progress I’ve made in trying to become socially active. Owning a travel outfit contributed immensely to this progress and I really look forward to utilizing it for as long as I can. This explains why I’d be open to fun-seekers like yourself hopping in.


To join any of my trips or restaurant review, all you need to do is shoot me a DM on Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp (+2348021031732).

Let’s make this happen already!