How To Minimally Pack For Any Trip


Following series of conversations with travel bloggers (home and abroad), two of the most challenging part of every trip is getting cheap fare, and packing for the trip. While a lot of them have managed to managed to figure out a way around getting cheap flights through companies like Travelstart ,packing minimally for trips has remained as daunting as climbing up Everest without water. It’s hard!

But hey, here are a few tricks I’ve over time discovered are potent:

Your Bag Size

Never get tempted into choosing a big bag, no matter how strong the temptation. Starting out as a travel blogger, I used a medium suitcase in packing for all my initial travel adventures but what I usually observe is that I tend to pack either more than required or unneeded items. Choose a small bag and watch how it’d influence your packing decision.

A Jansport Laptop backpack


There are actually a few of such Backpacks in Nigeria which can be useful for packing minimally. One of such is Jansport, a brand I’ve always longed to get due to its durability and versatility. Whether you’re headed to a concert, vacation, or going off the grid. I’m tired of carrying bags that make people detect instantly I’m a traveler as that is bad for my security.

Read about my Trip to Ibadan where I Exposed my Bag’s content.

Purpose of traveling

This remains the most paramount of all the tips. The reason behind traveling should be thoroughly figured out as this will be very instrumental in determining how light or heavy one should pack. Are you traveling for holiday, shopping or even business? Be deliberate about your purpose. For a business traveler going for just a day or two, the most advisable thing to do is ensure all necessary documents are transferred into a laptop. Pick just one set of clothing and a few other things and you’d be fine. A laptop backpack will be really helpful here.


Know your Destination

Most times, knowing the weather condition, culture and tradition of your destination will drastically affect how heavy or light you’d travel. A visitor to the United states during winter for instance will pack twice (if not thrice) as much as she would if she were to travel to Ghana or Sudan during summer.



For how long will you be away? A weekend? Then just pick a few things, stuff them into your bag. If for a few weeks or months, Consider leaving behind everything you know you can get at your destination and buy them when you get there. you might be lucky to get them cheaper or even for free!

A picture of Traveling essentials
What else?

Here are few other general Travel Packing hacks

– Instead of folding your clothing, roll them. Imagine the amount of space you’d save.

– If you’d be packing your shoes on your bag, stuff items such as charger, cream and wristwatches inside them.

– For items like toothpaste, soap and cream that can be split, ensure you reduce them because every damn space counts! You needn’t take along the whole toothpaste tube when you can just press some into a tiny nylon bag. Cutting your soap into two (or even three depending on the duration of your trip) will do you no harm. Trust me.

– Try not to go with more than one bag.

– Take along only items that can serve dual purposes. Yeah, here are some examples of how I hack mine:

I have a leather belt which is coloured black on one side and blue on the other, preventing me from packing two belts in one bag. A good android phone also saves you the stress of traveling with a torchlight or even a camera.

When all chips are down?

So when you’ve ensured all the above and still discover you can’t but travel heavy, Akuna matata! Continue with your journey, but try as much as you can to dash out a few things when you’re planning your return. Yeah, If you can’t achieve a minimal packing while going, you definitely should on returning.


In all, i look forward to that point in my journey as a traveler and adventurer when I’d have to book cheap flights from Lagos to New York with a mini backpack just for a weekend. then is when you can call my Eureka Moment!


  1. This was really helpful, I definitely needed this post as I tend to always travel with things I don’t necessarily need. Thank you Negro.