Mega Chicken Agidingbi- An Interesting Review

Mega chicken agidingbi

Standing directly opposite the magnificent Mega Chicken Agidingbi, What lingered within me for over 60 minutes was why a right-thinking human will devote a building as huge as this to just eating when greats like Sweet Sensation, Tantalizers, KFC, etc still find joy in their teensy abodes. But who am I to disobey Aisha who suggested we come here after finishing with Cafe neo Ikoyi?

While trying to cook up another excuse on why I haven’t reached her yet, my phone rang- she was calling for the umpteenth time to know where I had gotten to. I tried mustering the rehearsed words but wasn’t coherent till the line went off.

Mega Chicken Agidingbi
I kept Aisha waiting inside while I stole a shot from the other side of the road

Though I came with my foot-wagon but I had to still admire the level of sanity I experienced at the parking lot. Whoever the brain behind it was sure deserves a medal. In sight were over 5 security officials whose duty was ensure there were no hassles.
In order not to look like a novice, I made for the door knob but it was opened before I could fully stretched my hand. My phone rang simultaneously but I ignored it knowing who it could be.

The ceiling of Mega chicken agidingbi
The painting and wall finishing took my mind back to my book of bible stories and how appealing king Solomon’s palace was looking when those women argued about a dead child.


Let’s talk first about the food before the customer service?

Like I hadn’t seen her before, I couldn’t take my eyes off Aisha. She looked alluring despite not wearing any makeup. We decided to see for ourselves what they have on display so we aimed for the ordering corner after exchanging pleasantries.
We were confused (or let me say I was), because there were just too many delicacies which I can’t even start enlisting. After spending over 10 minutes moving from one end of the ordering corner to the other, it was becoming almost embarrassing (abi how will 2 grownups not know what they want?) so we finally came up with an idea.
Aisha suggested I went for Yamarita (mega chicken’s special dish of specially fried yam with egg sauce), so she could go for mega rice instead of going for the same option.
This is in a bid to ensure a win-win situation in case either of them wouldn’t live up to its hype.

Mega Rice and Chicken
Aisha’s Mega Rice & Chicken
Mega Chicken’s yamarita which I ordered.

We were right!
while i enjoyed every bit of my yamarita, Aisha took each spoon of her mega rice like she had been forced to taste from a poisoned soup. I stole countless glances but didn’t ask what was wrong until she voiced out.


Then she began… but wait, am I the only one who thinks Aisha is really beautiful?

I felt a bit for her so I shared with her my yamarita while we abandoned her tray.

Aside my fish which was over-seasoned with maggi, I enjoyed every bit of my yamarita.

Customer care/service
At this juncture, I’d like to give it up for Mega chicken’s sensitivity.

On noticing Aisha couldn’t finish her food, one of the waitress had quickly summoned another woman who happens to be the head chef. She appeared within few minutes and apologized for the dissatisfaction.

Side attraction
The original plan was to spend not more than 1 hour but we ended up doing close to 4 hours inside Mega Chicken Agidingbi.
On finishing our food, we decided to take a tour round the 4-floored building.
The African corner located in a secluded area just beside the main eating area on the ground floor was our first stop. Here, you can get every kind of traditional dish.

We decided to ask one of the waiters the list of available delicacies and we left her after she mentioned over 16 without seeming tired.

1st floor
Here is another designated area where baked foods like bread and cakes are sold.
Not really a lover of cakes but the finishing I saw on the displayed cakes got me wondering if I had made a good choice by hating cakes.

Are these not beautiful?
The Bakery
This bakery will make anyone crave bread.

We decided to explore further but this time through the elevator.
It was amazing having the overview of the beautiful environs of Agidingbi from the transparent elevator.

A view from the elevator.

2nd Floor

The second floor housed a bar and from the look of things, there were different sections; one where strictly Chinese drinks are sold, another looked more like its secluded for V.V.I.Ps.
Pictures aren’t allowed on this floor so we left to see the topmost floor which has been designed for children’s amusement park but is yet to be functional since it’s still under construction.

Satisfied with what we’ve so far seen, we took the elevator back down and while we noticed as we exited the building an underground car park. Need I say more than just give it up for Mega Chicken Agidingbi?


Here is my verdict

Staff/service= A

Place/ambiance= A

Food= C

GPA= 4.4/5



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  1. I love megachicken , the ambience and I am a regular.i like their Banga and starch, though I have complained about the salt.its a bit much on two occasions

  2. You left out the part where you can’t bring into the restaurant anything edible, even a bottle of water that’s half empty. I find this policy unnecessary because they operate a pay before service unlike shopping malls where you sometimes take a drink from the fridge and take it empty to the till for payment.