The 5 most popular places in Mapoly

trees planet- Mapoly

A viral myth attached to Mapoly is that it is the best polytechnic to study mass communication in the country. I have heard tons of stories about this heavily populated school which was why I was more than elated while marking it as my first point of contact.

The aforementioned and more forced me to Wake as early as 3:30am without the help of my phone’s alarm, Revised for close to 30 minutes the plan for the day before listening to my all-time favourite radio presenter (late Gbenga Adeboye) while I simultaneously ironed my clothes, checked my mails and read few pages of my class notes (all within 3:30 and 7am) cos I was told light only comes in the early hours of the morning and leaves after dawn. Dare gave me a few more tips   till around 7:30am when he departed for work.

Without wasting much time, I headed downstairs to draw water from the only well in the compound. Though filthy, I had no option than to bath and wash my teeth with its produce. Got dressed in 15 minutes, packed my camera, extra batteries and writing pad inside a lunch bag I found inside Dare’s wardrobe.

In no time I got to the street junction where I joined other seemingly impatient  students heading for Ojere (as Mapoly is alternatively called). I got cheated every time cos these students were just thronging out from every angle and they were all getting into the cabs before me. A bus finally came after a long wait. I quickly hopped inside even though I was now the only one left at the junction. The bus zoomed off while I replayed my ordeal at the bus stop in my head till we got into mapoly.


alt= "a tree plantation in mapoly"
Trees planet- Mapoly



First, It was its wonderfully planned environment followed by its astounding horticulture that drew my attention to this historical landmark named after a man believed to be the only president Nigeria never had.

The students littered the environment in their cliques looking all happy and wonderfully dressed such that one would mistake the atmosphere for a party scene. But I was soon moved to tears on getting to a particular block of classrooms and seeing how overpopulated these classes were. Students had to peep through the windows and doors with their writing pads in their hands to get what is being said by the lecturer. “But this school is said to be about 960 hectares wide!”  I chuckled cynically while I passed by because this same block has beside it a barren land which is close to the size of a football pitch.

I continued as I strolled along in disappointment in search of students who can tell me where they think the most popular places in the school were.

After speaking to close to 20 random students from every angle of the school, I was convinced enough to come up with this list:

At the end of it all, I was able to come up with this list of:

The 5 most popular places in Moshood Abiola Polytechnic- Mapoly

  1. Moshood Abiola Polytechnic (Mapoly) Bus shed.
mapoly bus park
The notorious Mapoly bus park

I needn’t be told on getting to this place why it made the list. Different busses heading to different axis of Abeokuta can be seen lined up while their conductors shout at the top of their voices in search of passengers.

Another reason why this place made the list would probably be due to the fact that all students live outside the school premises. Hence, save for few students who own cars, every student must have had something to do with this place.

This spot according to my findings is also the perfect meeting and gisting point for almost everybody inside Mapoly.

  1. Market
All-purpose market in Mapoly
All-purpose market in Mapoly

As the name implies, this place has been specially designed to serve as the commercial nerve of the school owing to the fact that it is the spot where all documentation/paper works such as printing, photocopying et al are done. Students also make their online school fees payment in the cyber cafes in this market.

Foods too of course are being sold there. All you need do is mention whichever one you want.

  1. OGD hall

The Otunba Gbenga Daniel hall- named after the former governor of the state is the next in line. This building is highly renowned for its breathtaking interior as it was tipped as the most beautiful and also the largest hall within the school.

According to one of my respondent, “this hall is the mother of all halls in our school!”

Departments such as Banking&finance, marketing, and Accounting also use it for their exams due to its convenience.

  1. ICT centre
ICT centre Mapoly
ICT centre Mapoly

“Here is where the technological heart of the school resides. Formerly used for post-UTME exams until recently,  It’s still the home to computer engineering students and can boast of functional computers which can serve the school environment at any point in time.” Though, I was a bit skeptical when Segun, an ND 2 student told me this.


  1. sports centre:
sports complex- mapoly
sports complex- mapoly

I needn’t explain why this is included.

Worthy of mention:

Big Admin, small admin, SUG chamber, 800 seater, motion ground and tourism department.

Without much ado, I headed straight to the legendary bus-shed to board a bus to panseke. I needed to get to my next point of call in time!

The historical “centenary hall” ake!


I dedicate this post to Funmise. She’s been a supportive fan from the get-go. I really have no reason why I like her!

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