Beautiful Pictures Of Lufasi Nature Park Lagos

A monkey at Lufasi Nature Park Lagos

After successfully reviewing the  Subterraneailp underground restaurant , I was sure the space  wasn’t going to work for the kind of setting the Printivo Team will like for the retreat I was planning for them. This was when the thought of trying out  Lufasi Nature Park Lagos flashed in my head, like an accidental collision of a life and neutral wire.

That was all I needed! So I set to work by firstly pulling a call through to the management of the park, after which I informed the team about the itinerary.


Lufasi Nature Park Lagos


Before diving deeper, here are a few things you should know about Lufasi Nature Park

LUFASI is an urban forest created for people to connect and interact with nature.

LUFASI sits on 20 hectares of land at the Majek area (Km 41) along the Lekki-Epe Express Way. It houses species like the Ekki “Iron Wood” tree (Lophira Alata), the critically endangered Hooded Vulture (Necrosyrtes Monachus) and the African Pied Hornbill (Tockus fasciatus).


Monkey relaxing in Lufasi Nature Park Lagos


The park is opened all year round and the opening times are as follows:

Weekdays & Saturdays (including Public Holidays) – 9:00am to 6:00pm
Sundays – 12:00pm to 6:00pm

Gate Fees:

Children – 500 Naira
Adults – 1000 Naira.


The Journey

Since it was a team of 10, I opted for a taxify cab instead of renting a bus which might cost more. Lufasi is really far from Onipanu (our departure point) so it’s just logical we set out early.

We Left around our converging point some minutes past 1pm and by 3:30, we were already honking at the main gate of the park.

Main Entrance of Lufasi nature park lagos

The large smile accompanying the “welcome to Lufasi park” by the gate man gave me the first conviction that I’ve made the right choice.

Lufasi Nature Park Lagos


Beside  the car park (which is the first space on the right side of  park once you enter) is the reception which was clad in bamboo trees. It reminded me of my adventures at Idanre Hills, only that this reception is smaller and the receptionist seems to be more professional.

I made the required payment of N10,000 in cash even thought there an option of POS. This payment granted us access to the facility and also a dedicated tour guide.

Cost of entering Lufasi Nature Park Lagos


Now the team had to decide which should come first: a tour round the park or their discussion.

Majority went for the tour, so I fetched our assigned guide (a lady who I figured would be in her mid twenties). She wasn’t rude, in fact she went all out to ensure we found a superb space for the team.


Lufasi Nature Park Lagos


In no time, the tour began. While our guide explained calmly all we needed to know about the 4-year-old park while I froze every interesting moment with my 50mm camera lens.

Lufasi Nature Park Lagos


The Anatomy Of Lufasi Nature Park

The park is stylishly divided into 3 and the parts include:


1. The Reception area and car park

As earlier explained, this part is where every visitor gets to first see before accessing other parts of the park. The toilet (a considerably neat one) also belongs to this part.

The toilet at Lufasi Nature Park Lagos

2. The play area

This portion played host to the Chickens and tortoise spaces. The horse rescue centre and table games section stood on the left, directly opposite the children’s play ground, and a beach sand field for soccer. Far ahead was the cage of the monkeys (with a dedicated guide who explained in dept all the team needed to know about the ever lively mammals).


Horse Stable in Lufasi Nature Park Lagos


Play area in Lufasi Nature Park Lagos

3. The fields

Stretching farther into the park is a large expanse of land featuring the artificial lake, a mini football field and the Ekki forest.

Lufasi Nature Park Lagos Forest


Lufasi Nature Park Lagos Forest


How Best to use Lufasi Nature Park

Couples quiet time

Lufasi is one of the cutest places to have a private time with your better half if you are tired of doing eateries and malls. the gentle whistling of the breeze and naturally cool atmosphere will sure blow your mind.

Children’s timeout

The safety of this park is what makes it really cool for Children, as they can get to learn about nature and as well have an amazing time on the playground for as long as they want.

Lufasi Nature Park Lagos Children's Playground


Movie shoot

Not only did we encounter people who came to shoot a scene or two of a music video, we saw Reekado Banks, a popular Nigerian hip hop artist who also was around for a shoot, using another portion of the Park.

Family picnic

At every point in Lufasi Nature Park are stylishly designed sitting areas suitable enough for families to comfortably have a fun time without any disturbance whatsoever form other fun-seekers or the environmental pollution on the streets of Lagos.

Tips On having An Amazing Time

  • Go with people. It’s fun.
  • Wear Comfortable (long) clothes so as to prevent the flying insects
  • Go with Good DSLR camera (a good camera phone will do too)
  • Hire a cab or bus because you might be too tired after the tour to start jumping buses.

That’s it all for now.

Where would you want me to review next? Please drop your suggestions in the comment box.

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