Pictures Of The Other Side Of Lagos At Night

Lagos hustler

Were we crazy to have decided to Shoot Lagos at night? It wasn’t my fault actually. Please allow me explain.


9:30pm 29th September 2017

I thought I had finally deciphered a new way of escaping Dami’s ‘wahala’ when he barged into the partially lit sitting room without knocking. The buttons of his pink shirt weren’t properly connected but he cared less as he spoke loudly (in his usual style) over the phone to someone I don’t think I know. He had just returned from Gerald Road, Ikoyi, where he Joseph (our mutual friend) had invited him to the launch of Impact hub.

I became angrier when he moved close to where I was lying, kicked me and jokingly said “omo better yeh ma sun…” I knew the implication of such song (especially when it comes from him) so I had no choice than to honour his invitation since he needed to just talk.

After all his reporting (which centered on how fantastic the people on the Island enjoy life), he concluded by clarifying that ‘lekki people are learning work where Ikoyi peeps are”.


The Next Day

So the team agreed we’d go to see things for ourselves the next day and this prompted me to write this tweet few minutes before the journey started.

A tweet about the trip


I hailed another taxify with my phone when we got declined by the previous driver who probably couldn’t take the risk.
Tolu sounded excited while I gave him a brief of our plan. He arrived few minutes earlier than the app had predicted, I smiled as I took that for a good omen. He dug straight into our drill as he suggested we start from Banana Island so that we’d ply the Lekki bridge and then head towards ‘Eko’ bridge on our way back. We all decided to go neutral by freeing our minds of all prior experiences we might have had on the Island so we can enjoy every scene as they appear.


Then the journey began

Inside a taxify cab
Dami joined Tolu at the front while I stayed back with Kunle (Marshal).
Our first stop
Falomo under bridge Lagos at Night
Falomo under bridge


Falomo under bridge at Night
Special thanks to whoever handled this beautiful piece of art.

Falomo under bridge where we took our first shoot. We passed the Lagos motor boat club where Tolu hinted us that one of the major criteria of being a member is to own a yatch (which I somewhat found hard believing).

Nigerian police
The first cool experience with the Nigerian Police


The beautiful side of the Nigerian Police

At this Juncture, I’d like to appreciate the Nigerian Police even though many of their officers aren’t doing it the way it should be done. The policemen who accosted us yesterday were calm and going by the way they spoke, i could easily tell they are learned. they stopped us after noticing our car’s rear number plate was missing, did some searching and after carefully explaining what happened to the missing plate, they advised we drive carefully while we enjoy the night.

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We saw girls too

…loads of them were on display. Marshal’s mouth was slightly opened (probably in lust lol) while Dami decided to play a bit as he told Tolu to park beside the duo who were obviously waiting for a call.

Lagos state prostitutes at night
The sex workers on the Island seems to have a solid relationship with the Police

Dami: hello, what’s up? what’s your name?

1st girl: Sandra

Dami: Beautiful. What’s the price?

She: 20k for full-time.

Dami: How about short?

She: 10k

Dami: How about 5k?

Both girls: mtcheewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

We all had a lengthy laugh as Tolu twisted the ignition and zoomed towards banana Island.


Banana Island

On getting to main gate of banana island, the stern-looking security officers asked if we lived here and we nodded in affirmation (a plot we’ve mastered many seconds before getting to the gate). They lowered their guard while Tolu added pressure to the gas. The team broke no sweat.

Folorunsho Alakija's House
Romur has It that this belongs to the wealthiest woman in Africa. In 2014 (According to Wikipedia), she unseated Oprah Winfrey as the richest woman of African descent in the world


On getting past Lekki point towers, Marshal (awed by what he saw) said:

“some organizations exists for only the rich and the Rich alone.”

Lagos Intercontinental hotel
Front view: Lagos Intercontinental hotel


We stopped by Golden gate, Alfred Rewane road to take few road pictures then headed straight to the Lekki link bridge as earlier planned.

Alfred Rewane road
Alfred Rewane road
Alfred Rewane road Lagos at night
Alfred Rewane road



The Bae Challenge
Lekki-ikoyi Link Bridge
What If a car… don’t let me think about it. The risk was worth taking. *grins

After bae challenge on the link bridge we headed into lekki, paid toll of #250

The babes at admiralty were madder than we’ve ever seen them… We spent up to 30 minutes roaming aimlessly there and wondering why everything including the roads, whores and even the police on this part of the Island seems better than what we are used to on the mainland. Everything we saw was motivation.

“If Nigeria is truly the hell they talk about, then Lekki and co must be the devil’s parlour.”


I said to no one as the street lights flashed on my face while I smiled.

On our way back, we took few pictures on the Eko bridge before plunging back into the uninspiring atmosphere of the mainland.

Eko bridge
A view from Eko Bridge


To think that we had mad fun without eating nor drinking anything further validated the below:


I strongly suggest you try this out with your team or wait till I’d be doing my next tour.


Here are few but strong tips on wandering Lagos at night
  • Free your mind: this will enable you absorb at a maximal level.
  • Take a private car (uber or taxify will be better): This will enable you do all you like while at it. there were many times when we’d stop abruptly to take pictures or ease ourselves. It is also safer.
  • Don’t go alone: going with a partner is good but it’s better with partners. i.e 3 or more.
  • Hold cash instead of relying on ATM: this is in case you’d like to buy something or maybe settle the cab driver. in our own case, we had visited 4 different machines and still couldn’t get money to balance the driver. We ended up doing a cash transfer.
  • Be responsible: this means, dress well, talk politely to the police if you encounter one, you can drink, but don’t misplace your home training.