5 Life Lessons I Learnt From Story Of Kinta Kunte

kunta kinte

On the 24th of November 2016 when I went on tour to the Badagry heritage museum was my second encounter with the name Kunta Kinte after previously been introduced to it by Nigerian Indigenous rapper (Reminisce) in one of his freestyles which I can’t for now remember the title.

Immediately I completed my session at the museum, the tour guide suggested I bought the film which according to him will give me a clearer understanding of how black slaves were treated during the Trans-Atlantic slave era.

So I paid ₦500, not because I was that financially fluent but for the fact that I really wanted to know what reminisce meant by that line.

On getting home, I discovered there is more to this slave than just his chains.

Here are 5 life lessons I learned while watching the movie:

On obedience

Try as much as you can to respect your elders, even if we all know that not everyone who is older than us is fit to be tagged an elder (no apologies), but try to at honour the words of the elderly.

The major reason why Kinta Kunte was captured into slavery was because he disobeyed his father (Omoro) when he advised him not to travel to further his education. He disobeyed, mounted his horse, and sped off to meet his girlfriend inside the forest where he was later beaten mercilessly before being captured with his girlfriend into slavery.

Concerning skills

I beg of you, no matter how occupied you might be, try as much as you can to learn the following:

Swim and drive.

Kunta kinte ought to have lost his place as a village champion if he didn’t know how to do the above. There was a time during their training before being captured where he was told to get to a particular spot before the rest of the team. His swimming skill enabled him evade the people who could have killed him because he had to bury himself underwater for over 4 minutes before finally resurfacing again to escape.

On women and love

If you love a girl, please do not hesitate to tell her you want her. Ladies hate guys who try beating aimlessly around the bush. Look straight into her eyes and say those words. I forgot to mention they respect and can naturally get wet on beholding confident guys.

Kunta Kinte started to stutter when it was time to profess his love for his would-be wife Belle. This made her slam the door on his face. Though, she later opened the door to give him a second chance (which he creatively utilized). He didn’t even finish his lines before she said gladly blurted yes!

But TBH, many times, there isn’t usually a second chance to create a good first Impression.

On submission

You can’t win all battles. Hence, know when to back out during every scuffle. An old saying even has it that “whoever fights to run, lives to fight for another day”.

In the movie, the normal tradition is for every slave master to rename their slaves after purchase, but when Kunta’s master renamed him Toby, he refused to be called that name. So there was this day he had to be tied and beaten until he admits the new name. For every lash, he’d be asked, what is your name? And his reply would be “Kunta kinte”. This of course will earn him continuous lashes until he almost died before fiddler- his only friend had to lure him into admitting Toby which he did and was freed.

He later revenged though.


On perseverance

Continue trying until you get it.

This was evident when kunta kinte was teaching his daughter how to jump on (and ride) a horse. She relentlessly tried without success until the day she finally got it right. And when she did, I needn’t tell you how judiciously she utilized that skill.

There are a thousand and one lessons from that movie but I’m just so constrained. You can however contribute yours in the comment box below (that’s of course if you’ve seen the movie).