The State of Travel and Why I Have to Jump In

Point Of no return in Badagry
Point Of no return in Badagry

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If it’s not the militants detonating another bomb in the Niger-delta region of Nigeria, it would definitely be about the ISIS from Iraq attacking another city. It could even be about how some tourists were kidnapped, raped and robbed, all in the name of increasing the level of the fear already embedded in you. Though this increases their revenue and popularity, it diminishes your appetite for visiting these beautiful places, know their people, feast on their delicacies and travel around their cities.

The media haven’t really also been helpful as they derive maximum utility in breaking unfriendly news about different places in the world.

…I also know that there were times you actually know where to go but just so scared that your lean purse won’t get you anything near fun. Someone even told me you sometimes actually had more than enough to spend on seeing places but decided against doing so after observing that you are tired of seeing the same set of places every time you think about relaxing. You have heard so much about some places, I know, but haven’t gone there yet because you are afraid of the negativities surrounding these places.


Hence, you’ve resulted in staying put to your place of birth, school there, work there, marry, raise your kids, and grow old there (if God permits) till you finally join Him!

See, you need not worry because these problems are not peculiar to you alone. Many fun-seekers (including me) have at one point in time or the other been in the same condition, which is why I have decided to do something about it. NOMADIC NEGRO has decided on traveling to places on your behalf; visit interesting sites embedded in these destinations, and then give you not just a comprehensive report but also an interesting and intriguing one on his return from every journey.

Good idea right?

So, if you are reading this, it means you have joined me on the mission of seeing the world in the most amazing ways. I advise you to bookmark this page because you are about experiencing the adventure of a novice traveler in search of a solution to a problem peculiar to both me and you.


All I need is your support and encouragement via comments, suggestions, and donations.


This post is dedicated to the entire Economics department of Unilag. I drew most of my inspirations from the amazing people the department introduced me to.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR Phillips Tunde is a graduate of economics from the university of Lagos; a repented introvert who’s done more days outside his family house than in it. He drinks Origin, loves fuji and barely watch movies.


  1. Already bookmarked, I feltl the excitement of reading this and I will say I am awed and look forward to reading more of your adventures. Blessed up bro