Lost In Erin Ijesha Waterfall

Erin Ijesha
Erin ijesha

The initial plan was to wander around Osun state alongside Shola, Ben, Dami, Niyi and Dapo but the riot (between the Hausa/Fulani and Yorubas) which reached its peak around this period discouraged Ben and Shola from joining the train.

It was painful to absorb but the journey as well can’t be cancelled. So since Niyi and Dapo are based in Osun, I asked if Dami is still interested in going to which he agreed in affirmative, then we set out as early as we can.

How we got to Osun

Oshodi was where we boarded a straight bus to Ife for #1700 each. This was after we have been released by the policemen who arrested us for looking overly dressed. How? we were both on dark shades and we had bags on our backs. Thanks to the market people in Oshodi who intervened when we created a scene.

OAU gate
A priceless selfie right in front of OAU

We finally Alighted in front of OAU where we had planned to spend the night before joining Niyi and Dapo the next day.

The memorable night In OAU


Awo hall was our destination and our host (Kunle) was already outside to welcome us.
We settled down in his room which apparently was a 2-man style.
Kunle ensured we had a feel of why OAU remains the best university in Nigeria as we roamed the school premises all night.

The most memorable of the experience was the cultural night where different associations staged their versions in varying formats while we hopped from one gathering to another, eating drinking and feeding our eyes.


We decided to go back to Awo hall not cos we were tired (the parties haven’t even started), but cos we needed to travel to Osun the next day.


A picture with the wourl's president of the kegites
Kunle informed the room beside his is d Kegites world HQ and they were rehearsing. Dami was more than angry as he said swear words. since I couldn’t help the situation, i continued with my plate of chicken and chips which i knew not where Dami got it from they stopped abruptly and Kunle came in to tell us they stopped because they heard we needed sleep… this humbled me so we decided to go say thanks. in there were students who had intelligence legibly crested on their faces.

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The Nelson Mandela Freedom Park

We boarded a space wagon which plied Ife-Osun at #300 each.
Since we got to Osun before Niyi, who was driving down from Ila we decided to explore a bit before his arrival by seeing the freedom park.

Nelson Mandela parak


Nelson Mandela parak


Nelson Mandela park


We also touched down at embassy food canteen where we had portions of amala with Gbegiri (beans stew) and bush meat.

Embasy Restaurant Osun

embassy canteen Osun
Amala with Gbegiri and ewedu + Bush meat.

While we ate, Niyi waited in the car and we joined him as we all quickly headed for Dapo’s house. With the squad (of 4) now complete, the smooth asphalt leading to Erin Ijesha  romanced the car’s tire as it propelled us towards the popular water fall, this was around 9:30am.

We discussed Aregbeshola for most part of our journey while Fela’s Zombie quietly sang continued from the stereo.

This is the beginning.
L-R: Dami, Niyi, Dapo at the entrance. Don’t be fooled, the journey from here to the fall itself took about another 20 minutes even with a car.



Erin Ijesha waterfall
First group picture


Erin Ijesha


Erin ijesha
It’s just so sweet to be away from the craziness of Lagos


Erin ijesha
weedone sir!


Erin ijesha


Erin ijesha
You can try to imagine the kind of feeling where the rays of the sun collides with the cold breeze being excreted by the water fall.


Erin ijesha
At this point, I knew Dapo wouldn’t go far with the team. look at his face. lol


Erin ijesha
He tried pushing farther…



Erin ijesha
truth be told, I don’t know how we got here. Do I even know where we are? nay. and this is because the Erin Ijesha fall doesn’t have a proper arrangement for tour guides, hence leaving visitors wandering all by themselves. whoever knows this location should please help out by telling us how close we are to the 7th stage which is said to be the total number of stages of Olumirin water fall


Erin ijesha
If you know not where you are headed, you should know from whence you are coming. #proverb


Erin ijesha
The view from here is breathtaking. The middle of nowhere



Erin ijesha
we finally descended the fall, but not without aching laps.


Erin ijesha

Here are few tips for you

  1. Do  taking a personal/hired car/bike as this saves you a whole lot of stress.
  2. Do along with at least 2 friends. don’t forget, the more the merrier.
  3. The entrance fee is #500
  4. You are allowed to bring along food ad drinks but not alcohol and bottle containers.
  5. Take along spare clothes if you’d go under the showers from the fall.
  6. If you are afraid of heights or don’t really have stamina, don’t attempt to go past the second stage of the fall.