The longest night in Ogun state

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How to explore ogun state: All-purpose market in Mapoly
The all-purpose market in Mapoly


Evident was the fact that she was pissed on seeing me. But looking at me scornfully like I had misplaced her most prized asset was what I felt bad about. This was why I, in turn, maintained a straight face- needing no prophetess to tell me she, being kept waiting for over 20 minutes under the scorching sun got her that mad. No thanks to Indices hotel (the landmark Dare used in describing his street). This hotel is just so big that while the main gate is located on Dare’s street, the other was on the neighbouring street, and as you’d guess, I went to the other street waiting and hoping for Victoria’s arrival, while she did same for me on the other street.

I apologized continuously as we moved (without really feeling sorry) but she played deaf all through like she had read my script, only uttering “I’ve heard you”  after being mute for close to a minute on realizing I would suffocate her with my persistent plea if she does nothing.

We in no time got to an old building which must have been built shortly after the civil war. Slant was the floor as green shrubs sprouted between the concrete floor in an uncoordinated manner.  The view of the house from the street seemed more like a bungalow but on getting in, I  got amazed when I had to climb an unstable spiral staircase leading straight up to Dare’s apartment. I Was about asking Victoria how old the building was but decided quickly against it on remembering what just transpired.


The Reconciliation

She stopped in front of a door (which my instinct told me it was Dare’s), reached for the key somewhere beneath a 50-litre keg beside the door,  opened the door for me to go in. A loud thud from the door signaled her departure and that was the last time I saw Victoria until after 2 hours when she asked what I would like to eat since (according to her) she felt I was famished. Though I was, I told her “nothing” but She insisted that I took noodles which I concurred after much persuasion.

“What changed?” Why is she suddenly trying to be all nice? Or had Dare called her to do this? I continued asking myself these questions concurrently as I stole stylish glances at her flat belly. Her curved hips did well in exposing her gorgeous shape. But since I wasn’t here for her, I discouraged myself from overthinking about a beautiful stranger.

In less than 15 minutes, she came in without knocking but who am I to protest against someone with a tray harboring a plate of well-seasoned noodles garnished with a boiled egg? I wondered the kinda stove she used. But that didn’t matter because the hunger was eating deep inside of me. Whether or not the food was poisoned, I cared less. “Something will surely kill a man.” I thought as I took a huge bite from the egg.

I woke up after Dare knocked twice. He had just returned from the day’s work but looked so energetic like he did nothing all day. Dare is an intern at the public relations department of the famous Moshood Abiola polytechnic (his alma matta).  Tall, lanky and handsome but his hustle spirit is what I crave most in him.

We gisted almost about everything (relevant and otherwise), night crept in before he finally asked why I had come. His amusement had a hard time masking itself even though he tried hard at it when I told him I am actually a travel blogger.

He was ready to accommodate me for as long as I wanted! That is how generous a guy he is! On asking him where to go first out of my proposed destinations, he wasted no time in drawing up a map of how best to explore Ogun state (especially Abeokuta).

I prepared all night for the next day which took like forever before its arrival, And when it eventually did arrive, it brought along with it a lot of goodies!

If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home.” – James Michener


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This post is dedicated to Damilare Oletubo for agreeing to host me and fully supporting me on my first trip.

“A ship in a harbor is safe, but it not what ships are built for.” – John A. Shedd