How To Enjoy Any Beach Without Swimming.

I’m thinking you should have read what I wrote on how to reduce the cost of going to beaches in Lagos since it would enhance this tips on how to enjoy any beach if you can’t swim.

Well, since its obvious that many actually like water (beaches precisely) but not many can swim, let me quickly run you through the list because I need to join some friends to the beach in few hours from now.

  1. Bury yourself in the sand

Awkward? No!

Nomadic Negro

see a short clip of me completely buried

When you get there, strip yourself down to your underpants. Then tell your friend(s) to cover you up with the beach sand- revealing just your head and/or hands. Ensure you take a picture because it is something you’d laugh at even when you return home.

You can either remain there while you sip a drink or play with sand. But please watch out for crab holes!

2. Walk along the tip

I want to assume here that you are putting on a bum short or shorts. But if you aren’t, it’s all good. All you need do is to roll it up.

Playing at Elegushi beach

Now that you are set, ensure your phone isn’t inside your pocket so as to prevent it from the salted water. You can now start strolling by the seaside, ensuring that the ocean sweeps your feet every time it curls down the shore.

I forgot to tell you to do it bare footed too because you’d be amazed at how interesting this is because as the water tries sweeping you, it drags the sand beneath your feet making it tickle your sole in an astonishing manner.

3. Sit by the shore

This would make more sense if you have a boy/girlfriend.

relaxing at Elegushi beach
Trust me, people who enjoy the most are those who watch others have fun.

So, what you’d do is to observe very well where the water usually gets to whenever it flows to the seashore, so you don’t miscalculate. Now go together with your bae or boo (as the case may be) to seat at any choice spot while the water engulfs your lower body part while it flows.

4. Tease people as much as you can

This is especially for those who aren’t with their partner nor friends, while you do number 2 above, try teasing people. This will be fun whether you are an introvert or otherwise. When you see a girl, tell her she’s beautiful. Tell her you want to lie down beside her on the sand and hear her response or reaction.

Be prepared for cold responses too but trust me cold faces give you more joy because there isn’t any string attached!

  1. Do you know of any? Please put it in the comment section so that others can see.

That’s all. But don’t go yet naw, help share this to your friends too. Who knows, you might just be someone’s Good Samaritan!