Cost Breakdown of Lagos To Ghana By Road

Kakum National Park Ghana

NB: Rather than tell you exactly how much to hold, this post will give you an insight into the cost of traveling from Lagos To Ghana By Road looks like. This is majorly because:

– It’s from a personal view.

– Things might have changed either for better or worse since I last went.



wooden tricycle as seen when traveling from Lagos To Ghana By Road
Popular wooden tricycle used in conveying people and goods at Seme Border

Ghana is separated from Nigeria by two countries (Benin republic & Togo) and 3 borders (Seme, Alakondji & Aflao). This makes it accessible both by air and road. Since I went by road, here’s a summary of the major expenses I made on transportation:

I traveled with my friends with Cross-country Bus Transport company (which I wouldn’t dare using again), and here’s what we paid in all:

Yellow card

This card is just as important as an international passport for every intending traveler across west Africa and beyond. It costs N2,000 to get a whole booklet but those of us who didn’t have were made to pay N500 to settle the border officials.

A Road In Togo while traveling from Lagos To Ghana By Road

Lagos to Ghana bus fare

We opted for the round trip option for the obvious reason for its reduced cost. But there are different price categories for traveling from Lagos To Ghana By Road which are:

Regular: This includes people who have traveled before and have at least gotten their passports stamped before. They pay the cheapest which is N17,500 for a one-way trip and N31,500 for a round trip.

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Virgin: Here are people who have the Nigerian passport but have never had it stamped before. This makes them pay slightly higher than the regular folks which is N19,000 for a one-way trip and N34,200 for a round trip.

ID card: The ID card team comprises of travelers who do not have their international passports yet but have a nationally acceptable means of identification such as Drivers’ license, National voters’ cards, or National ID card. They pay N23,000 for a one-way trip and N41,400 for a round trip.

Nothing Nothing: This group of travelers doesn’t have any of the above. This explains why they pay the highest price as they pay N25,000 for a one-way trip and N45,000 for a round

* * The major reason for this differential payment is because of the number of settlements that need be done at every border.



An Airbnb home in Ghana

So, I’d tell you for free that Ghana has one of the best housing plans in west Africa, this validates the existence of numerous accommodation options for travelers.

We opted for Airbnb, a platform that allows travelers to book accommodation and get hosted by owners of the properties.

Our apartment was Raster C’s place, somewhere in the suburbs of Accra and each of the seven of us paid N14,000 for the 3 nights we spent there (making it N4,666 per night).



Las Palmas Restaurant
Only God knows what she was thinking.

Knowing fully well how expensive eating in fancy restaurants can be, we opted for strictly street foods. And guess what? we never regretted the move.

An average meal costs approximately N800 plus you will derive maximum satisfaction and value for money from the plethora of dishes available in different street restaurants scattered across Accra.


Tour & Relaxation

The Government of Ghana probably knew the country is well-positioned to rank high among the best in terms of tourism on the African continent. So they gave in their all in ensuring basic things like motorable roads, security, and proper maintenance of tourist destinations are well catered for.

Here’s a list of the places we went in Ghana and the cost implications:

Transportation: Our host helped us with the contact of a minibus driver who could take us round Accra and then to Cape Coast during our stay. He insisted on doing everything for N48,000. This got us all mad at first because that was way higher than the estimate our host had hinted us. But after Adesi and Precious did the math, everyone had to pay a meager N6,800 each- an amount we thought was fair. So we told him to come pick us.

Kakum National Park

Kakum National Park Ghana

Here, each person paid the equivalent of N3,200 each to access the nature park and also walking on the suspended canopy which stretched towards different parts of the rain forest.

Elmina castle

Elmina castle, on of the best experiences we had traveling from Lagos To Ghana By Road

We each were asked to pay an equivalent of N3,600 each here but we had ran out of cash.

Kwame Nkuruma Square

Kwame Nkuruma Square, Accra

N800 was what each one of us had to part with to enable us access to this historic site.

Independence square

Freedom park Ghana
It’s best described as a marble tower crowned with a huge black star.

It’s free to access but we contributed N160 each to settle Emmanuel, a street hustler who took us to the very top of the tower.

Labadi beach

Labadi Beach

We could tell this was the Elegushi of Ghana as we drove close to the parking area. The ticketing guys billed us N5,600  but we negotiated for N4,000. This amounted to each person paying N560 each.



Jide and Adesi picking some bags as part of their experience of traveling from Lagos To Ghana By Road
Jide and Adesi picking some bags

Our major shopping was done in Makola market which was the biggest in Ghana, and a bulk of the things we bought were fairly cheap. I bought one handbag for my mum and girlfriend at N2,000 each.

Of course, there are other adventurous activities you can explore but all we did on this trip wre the most relevant for every adventurer, hence the reason behind the low budget.

In summation, it’s tricky to particularly tell you how much to travel with because a couple of factors can either inflate or reduce drastically your expenses. By this, I mean factors such as the number of people you are traveling with, how much you love food, shopping, and adventure.

I really hope it helps you with planning your next trip.

Watch this video. It summarizes our experience in Ghana.


Have you recently been to Ghana?  Kindly let me know what your experience was in terms of expenses so I can have this post updated.

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    • Hi Famous,
      I regret traveling with ABC transport due to their lackadaisical and carefree attitude towards us when we had issues. They also weren’t truthful about departure time.

    • One way trip is a trip where you only pay the transportation fare for going alone while the round trip is that which you paid for both going and coming at once.
      The one-way option is mostly chosen by travelers who mostly do not know when they are going to return from the trip but for travelers who know specifically when they’d be back, they opt for the round trip option (which is usually cheaper).

    • One way is the one you pay to go only. You’ll have to pay another money when govt back to country of departure.

      Round trip covers for going and coming. With this this option, you don’t need to pay when going back to the country of departure.