Araromi Beach- the best kept secret of Ondo

If you were blindfolded and kidnapped in Badagry, then airlifted to Araromi in Ondo state, you’d barely notice any change in geographical location.


These were the exact thoughts in my head the moment we got into Araromi.

Houses were identified by people’s names instead of streets and house numbers. In a house where the owner is a fisherman, for instance, the community refers to such a house as ile baba eleja. There were no fences too. The trust level was that strong.

As we walked on the fine grey sand which is a core trait of coastal villages, I imagined how sweet life would be if we could just live and let live without complicating things. In the dark, I saw children running around in their underpants, unbothered by the deplorable condition in which they lived.

children in Araromi
I met them eating fish bones from that pink bowl, so I asked if I could take their pictures. They agreed and I was super excited.

The people of Araromi didn’t have much but they seemed content with the little they’ve been handed by life’s inaugural ceremony.

The House We Stayed

The house our host has prepared for us was a family house bungalow with a veranda that leads to both sides of the building, leading to two other family houses. The passage was dark as we walked in. The residents already have perfected their ways of walking in the dark since the people of Araromi had barely had constant electricity in the past 20 years.

We were shown 2 rooms, one in the veranda and the other by the passage but 6 of us crammed into the one at the passage because it seemed safer and it allowed us enough room to gist before sleep came.

The night was both long and short; long because my eyes were practically open all through, and it was short because my body needed more time to recuperate from the troubles of Igbo Olodumare and the death race. So when morning came, I was indifferent when Jumoke asked how my night went.

Apparently, we hadn’t formally introduced one another properly so we did that quickly. Everyone was excited to see the beach in Ondo and at the same time anxious since none of us had been what this unpopular beach looks like.

How is there even a beach in Ondo in the first place? Will it be as alluring as the ones in Lagos or would it just be another beach sand soaked in water like that of Enugu. Well, our doubts were about to get cleared in a matter of minutes.

Everyone took turns in using the 3 bathrooms which served the entire house. One of them was without a door so we used Jumoke’s wrapper instead.


The landlord
As we got out of the house, I met Baba outside. he had just had his bath and I could tell he was really feeling cool about his drip, so I asked him for a picture. He obliged.

Since the Baale’s palace was just a stone throw away from our base, we thought to pay homage before proceeding to the beach but he drove out as we were just a few steps away. We proceeded towards a shop adjacent the Baale’s palace for food:

eating in a small restaurant in Araromi
It was the last day of my fasting, so I couldn’t eat with the crew that morning.
I spotted this abandoned Jeep by the roadside and felt it’d be an amazing prop for a group picture. L-R: Jumoke, Ebenezer, Kingsley, Ibrahim, Deola, Abiola, Temi, and Wisdom.

Road to Araromi Beach
This road towards Araromi Beach looks exactly like that of Gberefu Island in Badagry. In the picture is me and Jumoke.
This bike was coming from Lagos. It takes less than an hour to get to Lagos from Ondo, using this coastline. In 2019, Ondo state govt. awarded contracts worth N32b for the construction of a 37.5km dual coastal carriage road from Araromi in Ondo to Lekki, Lagos.

Nomadic Negro at Araromi Beach, Ondo state

Things to Do at Araromi Beach

Beach soccer: The beach sand is so well graded that you’d enjoy balling on it.

Hide and seek: The interesting thing again about this beach is that it has a well-collected coconut tree forest that will allow for really fun jungle games.

Family or friends Picnic: Space isn’t polluted with the noise of blaring music from competing speakers. It’s really ideal for picnics.

Swim: the waves are friendly and mild with their crashing. You’d enjoy swimming at the shore, esp. under the sun.

Oyster hunting: Dip your hands into the beach sand and you pack out at least 5 sleeping Oysters in their shells.


Cost of accessing the beach

At the moment, it costs Zero naira to access Araromi Beach.