A Comprehensive Guide On How A Novice Can Open A Blog part 2

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If this is your first time on my blog, ensure you read the first part of this post where I dwelt on things an aspiring blogger should do before launching!

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Choose Your Writing Style

As a blogger, the first thing you need to know about your writing style is that it isn’t in you! It’s rather a combination of skills you pick up through your favourite writers, movies and songs. I for one binge on Chinua Achebe, Chimamanda Adichie, Onigegewura and Zubby. After digesting tons of their works, I gradually began to redesign my style of writing. I hope someday in the future, a people will binge on mine to form theirs.


Determine Your Writing Frequency

This has to be the hardest thing for any creative (including writers). As a blogger, you need to be deliberate about how often you want to churn out contents. Is it daily, bi-weekly or even quarterly? Whichever frequency you think you can cope with is what you should make known to your audience. I for one battled real hard to dropping  weekly posts and I paid dearly for my inconsistency.


Think About Making Money

There’s no gainsaying that you will get frustrated in no time if your major aim of becoming a blogger is to make money. The more you strive to add value, the better your chances of actually making money.

With the above said, there’s actually a need for you to design a path through which you’d make money as a blogger. Here are two popular modes and how you can capitalize on them:

  • Google Adsense: This is a platform that allows you to rent some advert spaces on the pages of your blog to google so they can place the adverts of their customers while they either pay you per click or impression. To do this though, your blog has to be a quality one. I explained how you can easily get google Adsense here
  • Sponsorship: For a number of times, I’ve written sponsored posts on my blog and got paid at every of those instances. The bedrock of this is also to have quality contents because only blogs with helpful or entertaining contents will people want to read. Hence, brands are always after blogs they are sure to get an impressive ROI. See what a first time reader tweeted about my blog recently:
  • nomadic negro



If you spend 20% of your time creating a blog post, be ready to spend 60% of your time on promotion and distribution of this content. Distribution is as important as the content itself (if not more).

To do this effectively you can

  • Reach out to other bloggers in your niche. seek advice from them, request to write a guest post on their blog so you can help spread your reach while helping them in turn.
  • Look out for popular forums like Nairaland and publish your post in the appropriate section. If you are lucky, your post will get noticed by the Moderators and can be moved to the front page where thousands of people will get to see your post.

“A single bracelet doesn’t jingle”

talk to your friends and family into helping you share what you’ve laboured to curate. Blogging can be one of the most amazing things anybody can do. It just takes a lot of patience, consistency and loads of hard work.

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