7 Things I Learnt About Kwara- the most annoying is the 7th

Central Mosque Ilorin

It’s no news again that I was in Kwara few weeks ago, so here are 7 things I observed all through my stay and would like to share with you.

1. Their cabs
Having traveled to over 13 states across Nigeria, Kwara state’s taxis so far have the highest number of colours on them. see for yourself:

cab in kwara
How many can you see?

2. Sane traffic wardens

You’d barely find traffic officers on the road, and when you do, they are sane. All through my stay (spent 3 days), I saw just 4, and at a point, I got convinced that crazy drivers only dwell in Lagos.

3. Men barely sell meat
All my life, I’ve grown to know men sell meat. Ilorin was the first place I saw women do so, and just when I thought that was a coincident, I saw another an hour later, and then another a day after. Then I gave up.

Stop looking at me- look that woman on my right instead.

4. No skyscrapers
The tallest building I saw all through my stay was the Kwara hotels and it is just a 5 storey building. I might be wrong though.

Kwara hotel
5. Street lights don’t work
You heard me right. None works. the only place you can find functional street lights is Unilorin. wonder why the school can’t teach the state government.

See what Ilorin looks like at night:


6. No bus conductors
The drivers drive and also conduct their buses independently- multitaskers aye!

Only in Lagos

6. Coexistence is top-notch
Kwara state is to me one of the most tolerant when it comes to peaceful coexistence when we talk religion and ethnicity.

Or what do you have to say about a state which has a northerner as the Emir and majority of the subjects are Yorubas?


7. Owu falls is far too underrated

In all honesty, I’m disappointed in both the federal and Kwara state government for neglecting this beautiful place I’d like to call ‘a wonder in the wilderness

So far the most amazing place I’ve ever been in Nigeria.


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Do you have more to add? please tell me through the comment box.

See you after my next trip!


  1. I visited here way back in secondary school. Our school bus couldn’t go all the way because of the bad road so we had to trek the rest. I with a few others was at the back of the lot of us and the teachers were in front. At a point, we got to a path that divided in two and so we went the wrong path while those in front had gone the other way…oh how scary it was. We thought our mates had been taken as we heard some hunters making some horrible sounds in the thick bush we found ourselves. Eventually and thankfully, we found our way back to the divided path and then took the other way..what a relief as we found everybody again.
    I absolutely agree with you, its quite annoying that the government has not thought to do more about this attraction.

    • Your experience is quite fascinating!
      I’m glad you finally reunited with your mates. truth is, exploring Owu waterfall can be really scary, and this was what I find most interesting about it!
      Thanks for your contributions too!

  2. Nice one! I schooled in Kwara but never got to travel round throughout my years there. I plan to visit again on an holiday and will like to visit this Owu waterfall. Could you provide a description?

    • hello Moshood,
      I’m glad you’d finally be visiting the Owu waterfall. The description I provided in the blog post was from Unilorin to the waterfall. kindly read it here. but If you need more help, you can chat me up so I can give you the contact of the bike man who took me there. It’s advisable you go in numbers though.