6 Places You Must See When Next You Go To Badagry

Masqurade statue

I want to believe you have read what I wrote about where you shouldn’t go when next you visit Badagry. Here are however 6 important places you would find interesting if ever you visit Badagry.


  1. Any beach on any island on the Badagry coast

This might look somewhat awkward but I have tried it and I didn’t regret it.


A beach in Badagry

  • No fee required! The only amount you need to pay is the cost of transporting yourself across the lagoon which is always around ₦150-₦ Instead of the ₦500 you’d need to pay at Sultan.
  • You’d kill 2 birds with a stone because you’d use that opportunity to experience what traveling on water looks like while you sail across the lagoon.


  1. Seriki Abass slave museum

This unlike Mobee is more like what should be called a museum for the following reasons.


Chief Seriki Abass Museum

  • A whole compound is used for the museum and everything about it from the beginning till the end is fun.
  • It is more equipped and paints the history of slave trade clearer.
  • It is relatively cheap too! ₦200 per head.
  • Tour guides are more dedicated, patient and friendlier.



  1. Badagry Heritage Museum
  • It is indeed a heritage museum because while Seriki Abass’ covered the Nigerian aspect of the slave trade experience, this Museum captured the history from a global view.
sculpture of a slave couple inside the Badagry Heritage museum
sculpture of a slave couple inside the museum
  • It is large enough and well equipped, having myriads of artifacts and historic objects embedded in it.
  • The price is also relatively cheap ₦200


  1. Visit a farmhouse!

Strange right?

But let me tell you, farmers in Badagry are about the friendliest I have met (at least the ones I met).

Negro tries to explain the motive behind the interview to Baba Femi

Walk up to anyone living in the neighbourhood to introduce you to any farmhouse, and try visiting the farmer.


  • Point of no return

If you won’t honor any of the places I have listed above, please don’t ditch this. This place would have made Adolf Hitler go emotional, had he visited before his demise.

Point of no return
The Historic Point of no return

This is where you’d know what it was like being a slave. I needn’t say more because your adventures on both land water will validate my claims.


  • Go see the First Storey building

This is about the most popular monument in Badagry. I don’t think I would be wrong if I enlist it as one of the most popular in Lagos and even Nigeria at large.

To be very honest, this place actually lived up to the hype when I went there.

rooms inside the first storey building in Nigeria.
Negro inside Claudius Phillips’ room. At the top right is the picture of the first primary school in Nigeria and on the left is that of Phillips.

Why i’d want to go there over and over isn’t anything aside the fact that the vast nature of the tour guides, its affordability (#200) and the clean environment.


Don’t forget this is just based on my experience. Don’t hesitate to share your experience in the comment box so we can have a more engaging session.




  1. You may not know but with all this you push people to go further..u inspire me personally. Don’t ever stop this! God bless